DC Stymies Queen City, 175-77

DC Stymies Queen City, 175-77 Photo: James Calder.

WASHINGTON, DC — For the first home bout of their 2012 interleague season, the DC Rollergirls (officially #11E via WFTDA) faced off against the Queen City Roller Girls of Buffalo, New York (#15E WFTDA). Surprisingly fresh mere hours after a 440-62 defeat at the hands of Charm City (unofficially #13 in the nation via DNN, #3E WFTDA) earlier in the morning, Queen City, a 2011 addition to WFTDA, nonetheless appeared to be strategically outmatched by the more established DC team, going down to their second defeat of the day by a final of 175-77.

After a 4-0 for Jersey Jill put them on the board in the first jam, DC immediately started working the clock to their advantage, stalling the pack while Queen City struggled to figure out the best way to get the action started. Meanwhile, DC’s impenetrable walls, helmed by Soledad and Hoova Dayum, kept Queen City’s jammers in the pack while DC’s star squad ran up a comfortable 26-3 lead.

Queen City found their first chance for a comeback when Marion Barrycuda was sent to the box on a track cut, but Pepper Stix only managed to pull a 5-2 before Velocityraptor and Hoova Dayum’s repeated hits forced her to call. Starting unopposed, B.J. Harmstrong managed to net 3 more, bringing the score to 28-11 in favor of DC – but the next jam found Queen City staring down the barrel of a DC powerjam when Bikini Whacks skated the wrong way to pick up a dropped helmet panty and was sent to the box. Barbara Booey scampered for 14 unanswered points and brought the score to 42-11.

Two jams later, B.J. Harmstrong narrowed the point gap again, capitalizing on a 4-on-2 pack advantage during a powerjam to net two grand slams, for a new score of 49-21. But subsequent back-to-back box trips for jammer Vajenna Warrior proved fatal for Queen City, as Jersey Jill and Barbara Booey put up 20-0 and 14-1 respectively while Vajenna (along with hard-hitting blocker Ivana LeiHerOut) watched from the penalty box.

With 5 minutes left in the half, Queen City suddenly found themselves with a much bigger deficit to overcome at 83-22. Successive hit-and-quit jams pushed DC ever closer to the century mark as the clock wound down. Queen City ended the period on a high note, though, with R Rose Selavy and Ruby Revenge holding Marion Barrycuda at the back of the pack long enough for Pepper Stix to post a 9-4 jam, bringing the score to 98-32 at the half.

Queen City emerged from the break with new, more successful tactics to counteract DC’s clock-running and strong walls, and immediately began to pack on the points, with a 3-0 for Pepper Stix, followed by a 5-0 for B.J. Harmstrong and a 2-2 for Bikini Whacks to bring the tally to 100-41. But DC soon put a stop to that scoring run with a combination of heavy defense and well-timed offense that resulted in several successful hit-and-quit jams, bringing the score to 123-45. DC’s Soledad and Velocityraptor (with assists from Hoova Dayum and Chinese Cheker) proved particularly lethal for Queen City’s jammers; thanks to their tight defense, Jersey Jill and Lenore Gore managed to pick up 10-0 and 13-0 respectively, ballooning DC’s lead to more than 100 points at 146-45.

Queen City struck back with a 10-pointer for B.J. Harmstrong while DC jammer Deadly Lamarr was boxed, bringing the score to 154-62, but DC was unwilling to surrender its triple-digit lead for long, working more textbook defense-to-offense switches to run up the score to 175-67. In an echo of the first half, Queen City finished strong, with a pack-advantaged powerjam that racked up 10 unanswered points for B.J. Harmstrong to make the final score 175-77.

This win (the biggest WFTDA-sanctioned home win in DC’s history) gives DC a 3-3 record for the season; they’re back in action next weekend with a closed bout against Central New York (#20E WFTDA) on March 25. Queen City, meanwhile, is 1-4 in 2012; they’ll make another attempt at shifting the rankings when they go up against Connecticut (#14E WFTDA) on March 31.