[Emerald City]: Andromedolls 103, Church of Sk8in 99

[Emerald City]: Andromedolls 103, Church of Sk8in 99 Church of Sk8in top jammer Joy Toy, here blocking, delivers a block to Andromedolls jammer Surly Q (00) while Church jammer Jala Pain Yo flies around the outside. Surly led all scorers with 49 points as the Dolls squeezed out a 103-99 win. The Dolls are next in action against Lava City April 14th; Church of Sk8in's next bout is against Rainy City on April 28th. Photo: Jason Campbell.

EUGENE, OR — There are few rivalries as fan-pleasing as that between Emerald City’s home teams Church of Sk8in and the Andromedolls. Though the Dolls have now won nine in a row against Church, the bouts are always chocked full of lead changes and intense game play. Saturday night’s bout before a sell-out crowd of 1200+ was no different. After squandering a 36-point second-half lead, the Dolls were able to take the victory on the final jam, 103-99.

The first seventeen minutes of this bout were as close as it gets, featuring five ties and two lead changes. With the score tied 6-6 after five jams, Church of Sk8in’s top jammer Joy Toy, who finished with 42 points, gave her team a little breathing room by running up a 9-0 jam. But the Dolls scooped the lead back up on the following three jams: 5-0, 4-0, and 4-0 by Assista Suicide, Surly Q, and Scariel respectively. Another superb jam by Church’s Joy Toy, a 4-0 frame with the help of blocker Killin Sicilian, tied the score back up at 19-19. The teams exchanged blows for the following three jams with the Dolls taking a slight 27-25 advantage.

Then the Dolls took over the half. Outscoring Church of Sk8in 26-6 with great “Androme-Walls,” the Dolls were able to open up a 53-31 lead going into the half. Aside from a 10-3 power jam by Assista Suicide, the Dolls mostly nickel-and-dimed their way to the lead.

The Dolls continued their run through the first 13 minutes of the second half mainly with the help of great blocking from Slapcat and skilled jamming by Surly Q and Assista Suicide. After a 13-0 jam by Surly Q, the score stood at 90-54 Dolls with 17 minutes to go — but then things just started to click for Church. A 7-0 jam by crowd-favorite Church jammer Jala Pain Yo cut the lead to 90-61. After two stalemate jams, Surly Q was able to extend the Dolls lead by two, putting the score at 96-65. Then, speedskater Joy Toy produced the game’s most monstrous jam, an 18-2 team-energizing effort. The score was 98-83 Dolls with 7 minutes to go.

With momentum on their side, Church scored four 4-0 jams in a row to take the lead. Pow Wow, Betty Aim Fire, Pow Wow again, and Jala Pain Yo all got lead, scored their points, and called it giving Church their first lead at 99-98 with only seconds remaining.

On the line for the Dolls was Assista Suicide, against Pow Wow for Church. Both knew what they needed to do, but unfortunately for Pow Wow, her mission was thwarted on turn two when she got tangled up with one of her skaters and went down. This gave Assista the time she needed to fight through the pack. As if guided by whatever freakish God the Andromeda Galaxy has, Assista flew around the track and was able to pick up the points she needed before Pow Wow was even out of the pack. After drawing out the intense drama slightly longer by mysteriously delaying her jam call-off, Assista called it good, sealing the Dolls 103-99 win.

The Andromedolls’ next bout is against Lava City in Bend on April 14th. Church of Sk8in next plays at Rainy City on April 28th.