#13 Charm City Pounds #24 Chicago Outfit, 244-85

#13 Charm City Pounds #24 Chicago Outfit, 244-85 Charm City jammer Allie B. Back. Photo: Tyler Shaw.

BALTIMORE, MD — The Chicago Outfit (#24 DNN, #5NC WFTDA) came to Baltimore on Saturday night to battle Charm City (#13 DNN, #3E WFTDA) in the 2012 home opener for Charm. For about the first 20 minutes of play, the visitors gave the heavily favored Charm girls a scare, but Charm City dominated the remainder of the game to win big, 244-85.

Both teams started this one crowding the jammer line, leaving very little opening daylight for leadoff jammers I.M. Pain (Charm) and Lola Blow (Outfit). The larger Pain shrugged off some blocks to take the opening lead and a quick 4-0 pass to kick things off. After a 14-0 run by Pain on jam 3, Charm was up 18-0.

The Outfit got their first lead call of the game and 4-0 on a quick run up the inside by Queefer Sutherland. Those points were the only ones for Outfit in the first nine minutes, though; with 21 minutes to go in the half, Charm City had extended their lead to 28-4.

Outfit made up a lot of ground there, though, as Charm City’s Crowella De Vil started in the box and Queefer Sutherland was repeatedly able to outrun the Charm pack for a much-needed big jam at 19-0. Charm City called their first timeout there with 19:26 in the half and the Outfit trailing 28-23. Two jams later, the Outfit took lead again and tied the game at 28 when Lola Blow picked up a grand slam.

Charm City faced some penalty trouble there, looking at 4-2 packs favoring the Outfit on the next two jams. Charm took the first one 1-0, but Lola Blow took advantage of the pack situation on the following jam for a hard-fought 4-0 that put the Chicago Outfit in front for the first time, 32-29, with 14:30 to play in the first half.

The Outfit pushed their advantage, continuing to take lead and add small-margin wins with 2-0 and 4-0. With about 12:30 in the half, the Outfit led 38-29.

That was the high-water mark for the Outfit, though. Scoring remained nonexistent or low over the next sequence, with Charm making it 38-33 with 9:30 in the half, but things exploded in Charm City’s favor over the last ten minutes of the half, helped along by back-to-back jammer penalties on the Outfit. On the first, Allie B. Back put her team back in front with a 10-0 that made it 43-38 with 8 minutes in the half; on the followup, I.M. Pain scored a demoralizing 19-0 as her blocker Thoroughbled went wild on offense in the pack. Charm was up 62-38 with 5:20 in the half.

Even when they got their jammer back on the track, there was no offensive production for the visitors as Charm City kept pulling lead and shutting the Outfit out. The Outfit called their first timeout at 75-38 with just over 2 minutes left in the half and finally got back on the board with a 14-5 win, but that jam ended with the Outfit’s Lola Blow in the box. With the score 80-52, the Outfit called their second timeout with just 1 second left in the half to force one more jam — but with Lola still in the box and the Outfit facing a 4-3 pack disadvantage, the extra jam helped Charm more. Crowella De Vil dropped 9-0 and called it off to end the half at 89-52 Charm City.

The Baltimore girls didn’t allow the Chicago guests to make the second half as interesting as the first. Charm City struck hard out of the break with 21 unanswered points over the first four jams; Charm was up 110-52 with 24:50 to play.

A 6-0 to Lola Blow on jam 5 was Charm City’s only misstep of the first 15 minutes of the half, as they continued to pour it on with the help of double-digit wins from Allie B. Back and Crowella D. Vil. By the time the Outfit used their last timeout with 15:22 left in the game, Charm City was on a 79-6 run and was up by 101 points at 159-58.

Charm added nearly 100 more points in the final quarter of play, helped along by lopsided powerjam wins of 20-0 to Lady Quebeaum and 25-0 to Allie B. Back. In the end, Charm won by 169 points, 244-85.

Charm City’s next game will be in Baltimore against Nashville (#19 DNN, #3SC WFTDA) on May 12; the Outfit is again on the road next weekend against Fort Wayne (#14NC WFTDA).