#25 Arch Rival Overpowers Memphis, 238-29

MEMPHIS, TN — It’s extremely rare for a bout’s winning jam to come less than four minutes in, but that’s precisely what happened as DNN #25 Arch Rival – the WFTDA’s North Central sixth-ranked team – notched a 238-29 win over South Central #16 Memphis Saturday night at the Memphis State Fairgrounds’ Pipkin Building in front of 300.

Following a scoreless bout-opening jam, Black Market Baby posted a 30-point strike for Arch Rival at 26:30 to literally give the visitors the win and improve the squad’s record to 3-1.

“It’s always important for us to start with really high momentum,” said Arch Rival blocker Shimmy Hoffa of the fast sprint out of the gates. “We just wanted to get the game going and start putting points on the board. We started the game intense and wanted to maintain that intensity throughout the rest of the game.”

Following the 30-0 launch, Arch Rival proceeded with a baker’s dozen points unanswered to extend the lead to 43-0 at the 21:50 mark. Memphis jammer Lil Cinner cracked open the goose egg with a two-point tally on the next jam, but St. Louis countered with another twelve straight to build a 55-2 lead midway through the period.

Arch Rival racked up multiple double-digit jams as the period progressed. Mighty Mighty Boston’s 17-pointer with 12:00 left, Downtown Dallis’ 14-point tally two jams later and South City Shiner’s 15-point strike at 5:40 extended the lead to 110-8. Boston posted another 18 deep in the frame to help Arch Rival stretch its lead to 128-12 at intermission.

The dominance in the second half would continue as the St. Louisans netted the first four jams of the second half, which resulted in a 46-0 run. Black Market Baby’s dozen, Dallis’ nine, Boston’s 18 and another five by BMB extended Arch Rivals’ lead to 174-12 with 20:00 left.


Mighty Mighty Boston 68
Black Market Baby 66
South City Shiner 56
Downtown Dallis 48


Muse of Bruise 11
Tenacious B 10
Lil Cinner 4
New Jersey Turndyke 4

The workhorses of the Arch Rival blocking schematic, paced by Chewblocka, Party Foul, Shimmy Hoffa, Science Friction, Grave Danger, The Educator, May Require Stitches and a host of others, kept Memphis from barely breaking double digits in both halves.

“It provided a great safety net,” said Foul of her blocking sistren. “It gave us the chance to play the perfect derby that we could possibly play.”

Outscoring Memphis 110-17 in the second half to collect the 209-point victory, four St. Louis jammers collected 40-plus points apiece in the bout, paced by Boston’s 68 followed by Black Market Baby’s 66.

“I saw things out of them tonight that I’ve never seen before,” said ARRG blocker Chewblocka of the jamming quartet. “I saw a lot of aggression, a lot of tight footwork and I saw them seize a lot opportunities tonight.”

Arch Rival returns to WFTDA North Central region action on May 5 in a home bout against NC #13 Bleeding Heartland. Memphis (2-2) was led by Muse of Bruise’s 11 points and travels to SC #4 Atlanta this Saturday to continue South Central region play.