TGSS Day Two Recaps

With four quarter-finals happening simultaneously here in Adelaide, the derby action was flowing thick and fast. The eight highest-ranked teams after yesterday’s group stages all played at 10am, with the victors progressing to semi-finals at 4pm and the losers moving to consolation games at 2pm.


Pirate City vs Northern Brisbane Rollers

Northern Brisbane leapt out to an early lead in this game, gaining lead jammer status in each of the first seven jams and racking up 25 unanswered points. The first big score change of the night came in the thirteenth jam, when a Pirate City jammer landed in the box, giving Northern Brisbane an easy scoring run for 24 points, bringing them to a 73-24 lead.

The rest of the half saw Northern Brisbane picking up lead jammer status but being content to call off the jam after a single scoring pass. After a half-hour of derby that was strongly reminiscent of yesterday’s match between the two teams, the halftime score stood at 115-34 in Northern Brisbane’s favour.

Pirate City came out firing on all cylinders after the break, though. They picked up 14 lead jammer calls in the half, compared to Northern Brisbane’s 9; however, the Pirates weren’t able to translate this into points on the board. The usual pattern was for the Northern Brisbane jammer to break the pack immediately behind the Pirate City one, resulting in a string of 0-0 jams early in the second half.

The New Zealanders crawled their way back throughout the period but couldn’t successfully capitalise on the couple of power jams they were handed. In the end, the halftime point differential was too big to close and the final score stood at Northern Brisbane 180, Pirate City 103.

Pirate City’s Skate the Muss was the victim of a big hit late in the second half that left her slow to get up, prompting speculation about an injury. She attempted to call off the jam as she rose but, winded and holding her side, only touched her hip with a single hand. This seemed to cost her an illegal procedure penalty, handing Northern Brisbane a power jam. She was able to return to play at the conclusion of her penalty.

Sydney vs Sun State

The Sun State Roller Girls took an early lead in their quarter-final match against Sydney but, seemingly with the next game in mind, weren’t eager to run up the score.

After establishing a solid point differential, Sun State started gaining lead jammer status, then immediately calling off the jam to burn off the period clock in 30 second increments. Their slow, but steady, scoring gave them a 132-22 lead over Sydney’s Assassins.

The second half progressed slower, with lots of official time-outs. Sydney were able to put a few more points on the board in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to come back. At the final whistle, the score stood at Sun State 195, Sydney 54.

Adelaide vs Brisbane City

With just 13 points between the teams at half-time, the match-up between the home-town Adeladies and first-time TGSS participants Brisbane City was by far the closest of this round.

Both teams came out hard in this rematch, with lots of big hitting in the pack. Adelaide’s Elle Catraz managed to rack up a full four consecutive minutes in the penalty box in the first period as a result of challenging the initial call. Gardiner, Penergy and Iron Thighs stood out as jammers for Brisbane City; Blue Wrenegade turned heads with Adelaide’s jam star.

The Adelaide team were able to break away early in the second half, establishing a 153-74 lead with 19 minutes left to play, but Brisbane City managed to close the gap. It seemed that every time Adelaide opened up the point differential, their jammer would land in the penalty box and offer Brisbane City an opportunity to catch up — and the visiting team definitely capitalised, but weren’t able to overtake the home side. The final score stood at Adelaide 173, Brisbane City 139.

Veteran Adelaide jammer Barrelhouse Bessy went down with an apparent knee injury halfway with about 15 minutes remaining to play and left the venue on a stretcher. We’ve not yet received an update on her condition but don’t expect her to return to play in the upcoming match.

Canberra vs Victoria

Canberra leapt out to an early lead in this game, picking up the first two lead jammer calls of the match and establishing a 13-0 lead over the defending champs after three minutes. Those thirteen points were just about the only ones Canberra could grab in the half, though: Victoria racked up 138 unanswered points over the next 25 minutes.

With 3.45 on the period clock, Team Australia MVP Shortstop took the star for Canberra against Swish Cariboom. Swish escaped the pack first but Shortstop nabbed lead jammer status; with the Victorian jammer already on her first scoring pass, Shortstop went for points of her own, picking up 2 to Swish’s 4 and adding to Canberra’s score for the first time since the second jam. A power jam to close out the half gave Victoria a 183-15 lead at halftime.

Canberra hit their stride a little more in the second half, scoring a few more points and holding Victoria to a few less, but the final score stood at Victoria 310, Canberra 53.

Quarter-finals wrap-up

The results of the quarter-finals have produced an exceptionally storied set of semi-final match-ups in the winner’s bracket, with both victor semi-finals taking place at 4pm.

On the feature track, Victoria will take on Adelaide. The teams last met way back in August 2009 at Skate of Origin 2, when Adelaide defeated Victoria in Melbourne by just two points in double-overtime. Adelaide are the only Australian team ever to defeat Victoria, but the Melbourne squad have dominated all local competition in the past three years.

At the same time, over on track three, Sun State will take on Northern Brisbane. The two teams have had a heated rivalry since Northern Brisbane split from Sun State back in 2008. Since then, the teams have met repeatedly in tournament play, with Sun State always taking out the win.

In the consolation rounds, Canberra will take on Brisbane City Rollers and Sydney Roller Derby will take on Pirate City, both at 2pm.


Vanquished Semi 1: Canberra vs Brisbane City

This game started with a bang — after just 21 seconds, the first jam was called off with Brisbane City jammer Penergy motionless on the track and Canberra jammer Shortstop serving a two-minute penalty. Shortstop’s first penalty was for cutting the track but as Penergy fell, Shortstop tried to jump her and clipped her on the way through, picking up a major penalty as a result.

Penergy was assisted from the track after a couple of minutes and play resumed with Vixxxen in a power jam situation. In a mosh start, she quickly picked up a major cut-track penalty but was released from the penalty box immediately as a minute was taken off Shortstop’s penalty. She picked up 4 points for her team, which were nearly equalised in the next jam as Bambi von Smash’er picked up three for the Vice City Rollers.

In the next jam, Shortstop picked up lead jammer status for Canberra and a quick 9 points, leaving the score at Canberra 12, Brisbane 4 with 25.43 to play. Bambi von Smash’er then took the scar against Iron Thighs; Iron Thighs followed Bambi into the pack and snuck by on the inside line to nab lead jammer. The pack raced as Bambi chased Iron Thighs back to the pack but the Brisbane jammer nabbed three points for her team.

Shortstop picked up lead jammer on a 20 foot call and then a series of grand slams, as Anne Thrax and Ginger Nutcase held down Brisbane’s Vixxen. The score stood at 32 to 7 in Canberra’s favour with 22 minutes to play.

Penergy returned to the track in the next jam but Bambi von Smash’er picked up lead jammer status. With Penergy on her heels and a Canberra four-wall at the back of the pack, Bambi called off the jam as both jammers hit the pack for a 0-0 jam.

Iron Thighs then lined up against Shaggle Frock. A crowd-pleasing double-referee takedown punctuated Iron Thighs’ initial pass after a series of big hits from Aunty Aggro. Shaggle picked up 4 points and called it off.

Roulette Rouge committed a back-blocking major in her first scoring pass, giving Vixxxen a power jam with a 3-2 pack advantage. As Aunty Aggro was also sent to the box, Anne Thrax forced a cutting major on the Brisbane jammer. Aggro returned to play after being bounced from the full Canberra box, shortly before Roulette Rouge returned to the track.

With Vixxxen still seated in the box and at a 3-2 pack disadvantage, Freudian Slit was able to pick up lead jammer status and quickly approach the stationary pack. She picked up her second grand slam just as Vixxxen was released from the penalty box. Canberra’s defence continued to stifle Vixxen’s initial pass as Freudian Slit was recycled to the back of the pack; she picked up 4 more points before calling it off, leaving the score at 55-21 in Canberra’s favour.

Penergy hit the jam line against Canbera’s lanky Shaggle Frock; both jammers struggled for an outside line but Penergy found it first. Just as it seemed she was about to break the pack, Anne Thrax and Bambi von Smash’er forced her back as Shaggle made her initial pass. She picked up four points and called off the jam, with Penergy approaching the pack to score. Brisbane City called a time-out with just under fourteen minutes remaining on the clock and the score standing at Canberra 59, Brisbane City 21.

In her first time with the Brisbane City star, Fang Fiend faced off against Shortstop. Canberra opted for a slow start here, burning off penalty time for Anne Thrax; Shortstop added a 4-0 jam here.

After a short official time out, Bambi von Smash’er faced off against Vixxxen; Vixxxen was first off the line but got trapped by a Canberra four-wall as Bambi began to rack up points, adding 9 before calling off the jam. The score stood at 72 Canberra, Brisbane City 21 with 11 minutes to play.

Brisbane City sent out another first-time jammer in Carly Lucas in the next jam. Lucas was able to pick up a single point as Freudian Slit looked for her second scoring pass; Slit was forced to call off the jam from the floor as Lucas entered the pack.

The next jam saw some jammer-on-jammer defence in a battle of the tiny, bouncy jammers when Penergy and Shortstop headed to the line. The action was reprised a few jams later but this time, Penergy was able to pick up lead jammer status and pick up three points before Shortstop made it back to the pack. Canberra held an 85-29 lead with just under 5 minutes left on the period clock.

Vixxxen showed amazing endurance, battling a Canberra four-wall as Fauna Cat added 15 points to her team’s total. Lil Decoy played some critical offence as a blocker for Brisbane City in the next jam, breaking open a Canberra three-wall to let her jammer make her next pass.

Bambi picked up lead jammer in the next jam as pivot Ova Bearing and Shortstop locked down on Carly Lucas at the front of the pack. The period ended with Canberra holding a 127-29 lead over Brisbane City and halftime featured an impromptu break-dancing showdown in the Victorian cheering section.

In the first jam of the second half, Sara ‘Juke Nukem’ Gardiner took the Brisbane City star for the first time against Canberra’s Roulette Rouge. Roulette got an outside line to complete her initial pass and called off the jam after adding 4 to Canberra’s total.

Vixxxen picked up the first lead jam call for Brisbane City of the second half as Fauna Cat struggled with Fang Fiend’s defence. She added 4 points before Fauna could complete an initial pass and called it off, leaving the score at 135 Canberra, 33 Brisbane City, with 26 minutes remaining to play.

Gardiner returned to the line in the second half but was held against the inside line by a Canberra wall as Roulette Rouge scooted around the outside to pick up lead jammer status. She added four points as Unforgiving Bunny cleared the way for Gardiner to break the pack.

Iron Thighs picked up lead jammer status in the next jam and made her way back for a scoring pass. She ducked under a block from Belly Up but went down in a tangle of limbs with another Canberra blocker. The jam was called for injury as St John’s Ambulance volunteers attended to her apparent knee injury. Iron Thighs skated the track under her own power with assistance from a team member.

Following the official time out, Brisbane City started on a knee, a strategy that proved successful as jammer Fang Fiend picked up lead jammer status while Fauna Cat struggled with a defensive wall of Speed Angel and Unforgiving Bunny. Fang called off the jam mid-pass as Fauna Cat approached the back of the pack, leaving the score at 143-38 in Canberra’s favour with 23 minutes left on the clock.

Roulette Rouge was the first jammer to break the pack in the next jam as Shortstop sat on Vixxxen. Roulette was able to add 15 points to Canberra’s score before Vixxxen made her initial pass, gaining lead jammer status and immediately calling off the jam to stop Roulette’s scoring.

Brisbane City called a team time-out at this point and the officials called the team captains into the infield. Bambi von Smash’er made short work of the pack in the next jam as Shortstop held down the pivot position and Brisbane City jammer Gardiner. Gardiner finally escaped after a clearing block by Wonder Witch on the last line of defence, Aunty Aggro; the score stood at Canberra 167, Brisbane City 38, with just under 20 minutes to play.

Over the next five minutes, Canberra added 16 unanswered points before sending Shortstop out to jam against Unforgiving Bunny. Iron Thighs returned to the track as a blocker in this jam after her injury earlier in the half.

With 12 minutes remaining on the clock, Shaggle Frock played a little jammer defence, handing Carly Lucas off to Freudian Slit then slipping by on the outside to pick up lead jammer status. Canberra broke the 200-point barrier as Lucas broke the pack, with the score standing at Canberra 202, Brisbane City 41.

Roulette Rouge suffered an injury as the Canberra jammer, going down hard in corner 2 with about 11 minutes remaining in the game. She was taken out of the pavilion on a backboard and stretcher.

Shaggle Frock picked up lead jammer status for Canberra as Aunty Aggro and Amykazeee laid heavy defence on Brisbane City captain and jammer Unforgiving Bunny. With 40 seconds left in the jam, Bunny headed to the box for a major back block, giving Canberra a power jam as Shaggle completed her last scoring pass and called it off with the score at 227-41.

With Shortstop jamming unopposed, Canberra started on a knee, letting Shortstop pick up lead jammer status in just five seconds and two scoring passes in the first thirty seconds of the jam. Bunny returned to play as Shortstop completed a three-point pass and hit the deck after a big block. Shorty ran for one more scoring pass and called it off as Bunny approached the pack, leaving the score at Canberra 243, Brisbane City 43 with 7 minutes to play.

Canberra broadened their jammer base at this point, sending out Rainbow Spite against Fang Fiend. Speed Angel and Iron Thighs held Spite at the front of the pack before forcing her out of bounds and recycling her to 20 feet behind the pack; Fang Fiend called off the jam for 0-0.

Shortstop returned to the jammer line against Gardiner and picked up a near instantaneous lead jammer call, scooting around the outside and returning for points. Gardiner committed a major track cut, handing Canberra a dangerous opportunity to rack up points, especially as two of Brisbane City’s blockers headed to the penalty box before Gardiner returned. Shortstop called off the jam as Gardiner hit the deck hard — she returned to her bench unaided, but looked sore.

This left the score at 277-41 in Canberra’s favour as Brisbane City called a team time-out with three minutes remaining on the clock. This turned into an official time-out as the referees conferred in the infield.

Amykazeee took her first turn with the star against Brisbane City’s Lil Decoy. Kazeee picked up lead jammer status but only had about a 30 foot lead on Lil Decoy; she called with 0-0.

In the next jam, Bohemoth Rhapsody took the jam star for the first time for Canberra with two minutes left on the clock. Fang Fiend grabbed lead jammer for Brisbane City and a grand slam as Carly Lucas and Speed Angel held Bo-Rap. The Canberra jammer finally broke the pass after blocking her way past Lucas; Fiend picked up 4 more points and called off the jam with the score at 227-50, with 41 seconds remaining.

Shortstop took the lead for the likely last jam and ran around the outside to pick up lead jammer status, with Gardiner about a quarter-lap back. Both jammers racked up successive 4 point passes, with Canberra obviously looking to run out the period clock with no call-off — but with 30 seconds remaining to play, Shorty cut her way past Unforgiving Bunny, handing Gardiner a power jam. She added 21 points to her team’s total in this jam, leaving the final score at 286-71 in Canberra’s favor.

Vanquished Semi 2: Sydney vs Pirate City

The game kicked off badly for Pirate City, handing Sydney two power jams to start and allowing Sydney to establish a 28-0 lead. Over the next minutes, Sydney stretched their lead to 41-6. At that point, a string of jammer penalties on both teams resulted in two two-minute jams with lots of jammer musical chairs. When the music stopped for the last time, Sydney held a 59-27 lead.

Sydney continued to rack up points four and five at a time, building a 91-33 lead. At that point, a massive power jam for Pirate City brought the score to 95-58 in Sydney’s favour and for the next six jams, the Kiwi visitors held Sydney scoreless. At halftime, the Pirates were just 20 points behind Sydney, with the score standing at 95 for Sydney, 75 for Pirate City. Pirate City held a slight advantage in lead jammer calls in the first half: ten to Sydney’s nine.

Pirate City came out hitting hard in the second half, bringing the score to 98-82 in Sydney’s favour. For much of the period, the two teams traded four point jams, with little movement in the score differential. A full-length jam with no lead jammer saw Pirate City falter and let Sydney open a 32 point lead, leaving the score at 143-111. From that point, Sydney’s momentum proved too much for Pirate City and the final score was Sydney 221, Pirate City 173.

This game saw three skaters removed from play. Pirate City sisters Terror Satana and Skate the Muss both left the game; Terror was expelled for a low block and Muss fouled out. Sydney’s Torture Twice was also expelled for a low block.

Victors Semi 1: Victoria vs Adelaide

Victoria laid a beatdown on the hometown team in this game, holding more than a hundred point lead over a scoreless Adelaide team ten minutes into the match. They’d extended their lead to 171-27 by halftime and finished the game with a score of Victoria 357, Adelaide 75.

Watch this space — more detailed recap coming tonight!

Victors Semi 2: Northern Brisbane vs Sun State

Tournament buzz had this pegged as a bout to watch, given the two teams’ histories, and it did not disappoint. While Sun State held a narrow lead in the first half — just 12 points halfway through the period — they pulled away to hold a 45 point lead with about five minutes remaining to play.

At that point, Northern Brisbane discovered the jammer line, sending their blockers to line up directly in front of the jammers on multiple consecutive jams. The strategy paid off for them, gaining lead jammer status on three consecutive jams and racking up some much needed points as the half expired.

In the last jam of the half, Northern Brisbane grabbed the back line but both teams dragged their feet off the whistle; more than a minute passed before the jammers were released. Trauma Junkie grabbed lead jammer status with a crowd-pleasing apex jump and added three points to her team’s score, leaving the half-time score at 74 Sun State, 43 Northern Brisbane.

Sun State nabbed the back line in the first jam of the half but Northern Brisbane’s jammer, Lil G Unit, scooted through for lead jammer status and a quick 5-0. The girls in teal followed it up with a power jam — Sun State’s Polly Cracker committed a cut track major as Brandee Snapz battled a stationary pack and a black and yellow four-wall for a big 16 points, leaving the score at Sun State 74, Northern Brisbane 60.

Sun State got a chance to come back in the very next jam, when Annabelle Lecter, jamming against her old team, landed in the penalty box. Skating unopposed, Rose Ruin added 25 points to her team’s total before Lecter was released. Lecter made her initial pass seemingly unnoticed and Rose went to jammer defence to run down the clock, maintaining Sun State’s 99-60 lead.

Rose’s twin Cookie Cutter took the Sun State star next against Northern Brisbane’s Trauma Junkie, who struggled with the tough Sun State defence. She made her initial pass just as Cookie picked up a grand slam; she was forced to call off the jam as Trauma scooted past her on the inside and approached the pack to score.

Sun State’s Polly Crackers took the star against Brandee Snapz and ran through the pack for a quick lead jammer call. With Brandee a half lap back, Polly got caught up in Oh Hell No’s defence and only barely managed to call off the jam as Brandee approached. Over the next 10 minutes, Sun State extended their lead, holding the score at 129-72 in their favour with 17 minutes remaining to play.

Northern Brisbane had a chance to come back when Cookie cut her way to the box halfway through the period. With her teammates stationary on the track, she added 10 points before the jam expired. Cookie was serving a two-minute penalty, so Northern Brisbane sent Tiger Tantrum to the line and held their blockers stationary.

The entire jam took place with Northern Brisbane blockers behind the pivot line — in fact, for part of the jam, they had backed up to behind the jam line. Tiger picked up a major IP with about 45 seconds remaining in the jam, releasing Cookie to rack up 9 points for her team. She successfully pushed two Northern Brisbane blockers past the pivot line, but the other two held position — none of the action went past corner one. When the fourth whistle blew, Sun State led 139-97.

Polly Crackers picked up five points before Tiger returned to the box and then went to jammer defence, opting to hold Northern Brisbane scoreless rather than extend Sun State’s lead. The two traded position several times as the jam clock ticked down, leaving the score at 143-97 with ten minutes left to play. Trauma Junkie scored four points in the next game to edge both teams past the century mark, prompting a Sun State time out.

Northern Brisbane handed another Sun State transfer, Christy Demons, the jam star in the next jam against former teammate Cookie Cutter. Cutter grabbed lead jammer status but only had a 20 foot lead on Demons. A racing pack forced a 0-0 jam with seven and a half minutes left on the clock.

Rola Cherry Cola and Stepford Knife played heavy defence on Trauma Junkie in the next jam as Polly Crackers ran for points, before opting for some jammer defence of her own. Trauma Junkie got past Polly but couldn’t translate that into points, leaving the score at 146-101 in Sun State’s favour with just over five minutes left to play.

Clearly sticking with the successful defensive strategy they’d already used on Sydney, Rose Ruin again opted for jammer defence against Northern Brisbane’s Beth Adder — both teams added points here, with the score at 109-159 with three minutes remaining.

Cookie Cutter also played defence on Poppy La Pain after securing lead jammer status; the jam was called 0-0 with one minute left to play. Trauma Junkie attacked the mosh start to score lead jammer status over Polly Crackers but only had about a 20 foot lead. Signalling to her team to keep racing the pack, she commenced her scoring pass but grabbed just one point before calling it off and allowing her team to call their second time-out with just 7 seconds left on the clock.

With fifty points to make up, Northern Brisbane sent out Lil Gee Unit against Rose Ruin and started the jam on their knees at the jam line. Long Lash Massacre fought to stop Rose from escaping the pack but couldn’t quite manage it — Rose gained lead jammer status and called off the jam, leaving the final score 159 Sun State, 110 Northern Brisbane.

Semi-finals wrap-up

Following the quarter finals, Sun State and Victoria will face off again in the grand final — a rematch of the 2010 grand final. This match-up takes place at 4pm tomorrow on the feature track. Northern Brisbane and Adelaide will compete for third and fourth place at noon, and Sydney and Canberra will play for fifth and sixth at 10am. The seventh/eighth play-off is at 6pm today on the feature track, with Brisbane City playing Auckland’s Pirate City.

Final play-offs

Seventh place playoff: Brisbane City vs Pirate City Rollers

The seventh place play-off was undoubtedly the game of the tournament this far. After a match that featured half a dozen lead changes and game-changing power jams, Brisbane City overtook Pirate City in a literally last-second power jam to pick up the win, 133-126.

5 minutes in, Pirate City held a 12 point lead when Brisbane City scored a power jam for Unforgiving Bunny. She faced a hard-hitting Pirate defence — Big Mack hit her to the infield repeatedly, holding her ground and knocking her down every time Bunny stood up. Bounced from a full Pirates penalty box, Skate the Muss returned to play and added her muscle to the beatdown, knocking Bunny to the infield and skating clockwise to recycle her; Muss grabbed Mack’s shirt and pulled her, too, to the back of the pack. Brisbane City took the lead here, 14-12 with 24.11 on a stopped clock.

Fia Fasi Oe? for the Pirates tied it up shortly thereafter, in the second of three consecutive turns with the jam star, but Brisbane City’s Sarah ‘Juke Nukem’ Gardiner quickly picked up lead jammer, dodging big hits from Skate the Muss. She added 3 points and called off the jam.

Pirate City picked up a 33-17 lead over the next five minutes but with Skate the Muss seated in the penalty box, Brisbane City’s Penergy had a chance to regain some ground. Facing a stationary pack and pushing the Pirate City blockers out to 20 feet, she brought the score within a point with more than 40 seconds remaining on the jam clock. An official time-out was called following this jam, with the score standing at Brisbane City 41, Pirate City 33, and just under 16 minutes on the clock.

Utility Brisbane City player Iron Thighs went in to jam against Pirate City captain Skate the Muss; Muss picked up lead jammer and went for a big hit on Iron Thighs. When Iron Thighs dodged it and passed her, she called off the jam 0-0. In the next jam, Fasi racked up grand slams as Terror Satana and Ruby Red Knuckles stifled Vixxxen, regaining the lead 47-41 with 13.30 to play.

Skate the Muss picked up lead jammer status in spectacular style, spinning and dodging under a hit from Horror Lulu; she added four points before calling off the jam.

Pirate City established a pattern of sending jammers out for consecutive runs when Muss took the line again against Gardiner. Muss picked up lead jammer with Gardiner right behind her — a jammer collision left Muss calling the jam off from the floor with Gardiner approaching the pack to score.

A power jam for Brisbane City’s Penergy saw another lead change with 10 minutes left in the period; she brought the score to 60-51 in Brisbane City’s favour.

Over the next five minutes, Brisbane City held Pirate City scoreless and added to their own score in a succession of low-scoring jams, holding a twenty point lead at 71-51 with five minutes left on the period clock.

Fang Fiend looked set to grab lead jammer for Brisbane City in the next jam but was recycled back into the pack by Khloe Kharbash-ya-in and Lady Trample, allowing Fia Fasi Oe? to sprint around the outside and pick up lead jammer herself. She added four points to the Pirates’ score.

Penergy picked up a quick lead jammer call as Lil Decoy held Skate the Muss at the front of the pack. Again, she opted for a safe couple of points before calling off the jam with the score at 73-55 in Brisbane City’s favour.

An official time out stopped the clock with just over two minutes on the clock, and Terror Satana and Speed Angel waiting patiently at the jammer line. When the whistle blew, Terror muscled through on the inside line to pick up lead jammer status, returning to score 4 points before Angel broke the pack.

The half-time score stood at Brisbane City Rollers 80, Pirate City 59 after four lead changes.

Gardiner faced a solid four wall from the Pirates, allowing Fasi to pick up lead jammer, but when she returned on a scoring pass, she got hung up in turn on a Brisbane City wall. She was forced to call the jam for 2-0.

Penergy was too agile for Big Mack, scooting around the outside to pick up lead jammer status. She returned for a scoring pass as Skate the Muss was stuck behind Iron Thighs and after being hit out of bounds, called the jam off with two points to answer Fasi’s from the last jam.

A couple of jams later, Iron Thighs picked up a power jam after Skate the Muss collected her fourth minor; a few seconds later, though, she back-blocked Fia Fasi Oe to the ground and picked up a major penalty of her own, reversing the power jam. Skate the Muss had completed her initial pass before landing in the box and earnt five points on her next pass through the pack. With Iron Thighs back on the track, Muss picked up an illegal procedure minor for attempting to call the jam off and when the jam expired on time, Brisbane City led Pirate City 90-73.

Pirate City called their second time-out with 20.31 on the clock after being held scoreless for four jams. They’d gotten within 15 points at 94-79, but the score stood at 100-79 when they called their time-out.

Penergy and Lady Trample lined up to jam at this point — both skaters wear number 54 and both made it out of the pack near-simultaneously. Penergy got the lead jam call but had to call it off with no points scored for either team, as Lady Trample blocked her way past.

Fia Fasi Oe handed Brisbane City a power jam with seventeen minutes left in the half. After being knocked out of bounds by opposing jammer Penergy, she came in for a hit in the mosh start and was sent off for a back block major. In the reversed power jam, Penergy added four points on a stationary pack but then picked up a major track cutting penalty. At the conclusion of the game, just over fifteen minutes remained on the clock and the score stood at Brisbane City 110, Pirate City 83 — ending an eight-jam scoreless streak for the Pirates.

Skate the Muss had a chance to add to the points in the next jam when Sarah Gardiner was victim to several big hits, keeping her in the pack. After the first hit to the infield, she was slow to get up but reattacked the pack. A few seconds later, she got caught up in a big pileup on the back straightaway and lost her helmet cover in the fray. She’d skated into turn four by the time she realised the cover was missing and by the time she’d regained it, the jam was over, with the score at Brisbane City 110, Pirate City 94.

Fia Fasi Oe backed this up with a 25-0 jam over a small Brisbane City pack. She brought Pirate City within a single point of Brisbane’s score, 110-109 in Brisbane’s favour, with 11 minutes to play. Skate the Muss came out strong in the next jam, picking up lead jammer over Penergy and adding the critical one point to make it a tie game with ten and a half minutes to play.

Sarah Gardiner got lead jammer and a half-lap lead on Skate the Muss in the next jam, regaining the lead for Brisbane City with a four-point scoring pass. Brisbane just maintained the lead in the next jam, when Penergy snuck in for a single point as Fasi finished a four-point pass, leaving the score at 115 Brisbane, 114 Pirate City, with 7.40 to play.

Fang Fiend struggled to break the pack — her best shot was stifled by Terror Satana just after Fasi lapped the opposing jammer, regaining the lead for Pirate City. The fifth lead jam of the game saw Pirate City’s score standing at 121 to Brisbane City’s 115. Brisbane City called their second team time-out at this point, leaving both teams with just one time-out left and 5.24 on the clock.

A quick 0-0 later, the Pirate City defence stifled Fang Fiend as Fia Fasi Oe? added three more points to the Pirate’s precarious lead. With three minutes left to play, Pirate City held a nine point lead over Brisbane City, 124-115.

Penergy picked up lead jammer status for Brisbane in the next jam, picking up a 4-0 over Skate the Muss to close the gap. Gardiner took the line against Muss, sending the other Pirates jammer Fasi in as a blocker. This quickly proved a smart decision — Fasi knocked Gardiner to the outside and recycled her 20 feet behind the pack, allowing Skate the Muss to grab lead jammer and a quick couple of points, bringing the score to Pirate City 126, Brisbane City 119.

The next jam started with just 18 seconds on the clock and while Penergy grabbed lead jammer over Fasi, she was hit to the outside and recycled to the back, forcing a call-off as Fasi escaped the pack. Penergy called the jam and her bench called a time-out with just a single second remaining on the clock.

Skate the Muss and Gardiner lined up to jam and the period clock expired as soon as the whistle blew. Gardiner escaped the pack with lead jammer call — and Skate the Muss cut the track as she battled to break the pack. She picked up her second grand slam, gaining the lead and attacked the pack again, risking a penalty — but made a clean pass to leave the final score at Brisbane City 133, Pirate City 126. This ranks Brisbane City at number 7 in Oceania and Pirate City at number 8.

Day Two Wrap-Up

Tomorrow sees the final games of the TGSS tournament bracket, all being played on the feature track.

At 10am, Canberra will face Sydney in the battle for fifth place. Separated by just a couple of hours drive, the teams have met repeatedly over the last couple of years, with Canberra taking out the last three victories.

The third place play-off takes place at 2pm, with the home-town Adeladies attempting to defend their 2010 third-place TGSS standing against the Northern Brisbane Rollers. The two teams clashed at Skate of Emergency in late 2009, with Adelaide grabbing a substantial victory. Both teams have changed hugely since that game, though, and with Northern Brisbane bringing their A-game this weekend, Adelaide look set to have a battle on their hands.

The 2012 grand final will be a rematch of the 2010 grand final, with Sun State Rollergirls challenging the Victorian Roller Derby League. In their last match-up, Victoria snatched a two-point victory in the final jam of the game and have gained substantial experience since then; the girls in blue are the likely favourites moving into this game. The grand final occurs at 4pm on the feature track.

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