(4) Windy City Stomps North Star, 424-46

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The morning after playing a hugely exciting, hugely controversial bout against Minnesota that ended up with no clear winner, Windy City (1NC, 4 DNN) hopped the Mississippi to play a closed bout against the Twin Cities’ other team, North Star (13NC). It was a much different game, as North Star had extreme difficulty adjusting to Windy City’s reverse-direction play, gave up significantly more jammer penalties, and was held to just 14 second-half points as Windy City dropped an enormous 424-46 blowout.

North Star took the first lead and a 3-0 lead on Kayzilla’s leadoff win, but Kola Loka danced her way through a nearly-stopped straightaway to take lead on the second and put WCR ahead with a 4-0 on the second frame.

Varla Vendetta took a very quick lead up the inside on Jam 3′s scrum start, but was given a track cut major right before calling it off; Katarina Hit, jamming for North Star, battled past Jackie Daniels and tied the game at 13 with a 10-9 win.

That was pretty much it for good news for the hosts, though. WCR got some lockdown defense from Mya Ssault and Sargentina against NSRG jammer Ida Kildher next, and Athena DeCrime was able to claim a big 25-0 as Windy City went to the outside paceline when Kildher was boxed halfway through the jam. Windy was up 38-13 at a ref timeout with 22:34 in the first half.

Kola Loka picked up 3-0 next; NSRG lost jammer Obscene Sheen on the followup and Unicoroner had a fairly easy cruise to a huge 34-0 on that powerjam. 11 minutes in, it was a big lead for Windy at 75-13.

Windy defense stepped up big again next, with Bork Bork Bork, Go Go, Jackie Daniels and KonichiWOW battering Katarina Hit during a 20-0 natural win for Athena DeCrime; after WCR again fully controlled NSRG jammer Misa Ornery during a Kola Loka 24-0, it was a Windy City romp at 119-13.

Both teams gave up multiple power jams in the remainder of the half, but Windy City was far more effective in taking advantage, putting up huge lopsided scores on unopposed jams while NSRG could only make a few passes. By the end of the opening 30, Windy City was up by an overwhelming 222-32.

Windy continued to blast North Star in the second half, dropping 81 unanswered points on NSRG before North Star’s Kayzilla finally got her team on the board during a massive-advantage power jam that left Jackie Daniels the only Windy City blocker on the floor against 4 North Star blockers. Though that one went 10-0 for North Star, Windy City was in no trouble with a 303-42 advantage; North Star only scored on one other jam during the half and Windy City eventually won by 378 points, 424-46.

Windy City is next in action in Austin, TX, facing Gotham, Texas and Bay Area over a tough two-day weekend July 21 and 22; North Star takes a shot a 10NC Madison on June 22.