ECDX: Sunday Undercard Wrapup

FEASTERVILLE, PA — 25E Lehigh Valley had been smashed by Dominion on Sunday, but came back to land a big rout on 29E Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley had almost no offense going on in the first half and was behind 120-18 at intermission, but got considerably more jammer production happening in the second. That kept them from falling further into the hole, but they weren’t able to close that triple digit margin — with 15 minutes left to play in the game they were behind by almost the exact same amount at 155-52. The main drama of the second half was mostly whether Hudson Valley would be able to keep the margin under triple digits, as the score hovered around that point for nearly the entire 30 minutes, but Hudson Valley penalty trouble in the last 5 minutes helped Lehigh Valley to pad their margin of victory a bit; the final score was 198-75.


15NC Toronto, coming off a hard-fought win over 11E Maine on Saturday, had much less trouble dealing with an unseasoned 23E Harrisburg. Harrisburg looked to have a lot of new or inexperienced players and Toronto jammers were often able to scoot through unnoticed or unchallenged. At the half, Toronto was cruising 152-41, and was even more dominant in the second half — they scored 121 unanswered points in the first fifteen minutes to lead 273-41. Harrisburg didn’t get on the board until Toronto was on the wrong side of a serious pack disadvantage during a power jam to HARD’s Merry Kaos. That went 9-0 Harrisburg, but also represented Harrisburg’s best jam of the half. Toronto won the second half by a sobering 223-19 and the game by an overwhelming 375-60. Bout stats via


The game between 24E New Hampshire and 16E Dominion didn’t even remotely reflect their relative rankings, as NHRD was up 35-1 after 8 minutes. Dominion shook off the bumpy opening, though, rallying to a new score of 46-34 with about 15 minutes left in the first half. Both teams suffered from major jammer penalty trouble — after a rough two-jam sequence in which Dominion jammer Buffalo Bone Crusher and NHRD jammer Moxie Moonwalk were boxed twice each, Dominion took the lead for the first time at 59-58 with 8:44 left in the first half. But two jams later, New Hampshire had a big 20 points on power jam to Madame Scurrie, and NHRD led 78-63 with about 5 minutes left in the half. They’d push the lead to 96-71 at intermission.

Dominion was only able to cut 5 points off that lead over the course of the opening ten minutes of the second half, leaving heavy underdogs New Hampshire still up 110-90. It wasn’t until there were just about 10 minutes left in the game that Dominion got the margin into single digits, with a big power jam from Jasmine Facun almost putting Dominion in front — until she back-blocked her way to the box with Dominion just one point away from tying the game. The jam ended with New Hampshire clinging to a 144-138 lead and 8:59 to play.

However, it also ended with Dominion’s box completely full; McKilla Queen rang up 15-0 on a key jam for New Hampshire to make it 159-138. NHRD held the momentum for the remainder of the game and led 171-145 with 1:54 to play as Dominion called their second timeout. Though Dominion took lead, that jam ended 0-0 on injury to NHRD jammer Liv N Fear. Dominion lost their last chance when jammer Buffalo Bone Crusher got lead but was sent to the box on her second scoring pass — NHRD jammer Madame Scurrie finished one scoring pass but played it safe by staying out of the pack for the remainder of the jam. That jam went 7-4 Dominion, but New Hampshire took their second significant rankings upset of the weekend with the 175-152 victory. Bout stats via


Favored 21E Central NY opened a moderate lead over 27E Jersey Shore over the opening sequence of their game and held an advantage that hovered around 20 to 30 points for the majority of the half. With about 12 minutes to play in the first half, CNY jammer Slay West had a bit of a nice move against Jersey Shore jammer Emma Nockuout, knocking her out of bounds away from the pack and then dropping back far enough to allow her pack to temporarily reabsorb Emma; unfortunately, Slay West ended that jam in the box. It had been 49-24 Central NY there, but on the resultant power jam Jersey Shore narrowed it to a 10 point game at 52-42.

The JSRG comeback continued to 52-46 on the following jam, but CNY completely owned the last ten minutes of the half by putting up 40 unanswered points to lead 92-46 at the break. CNY kept the momentum after halftime as well, leading 139-74 with about 20 minutes to play; they’d cruise through the final stretch to win solidly, 210-94.


11E Maine found themselves in early, unexpected trouble against unranked Ithaca, down 33-8 after the first ten minutes, but they recovered nicely from that. They finally got something going about halfway through the opening 30, closing to within 45-27 with 15 minutes to go and making it a 10 point game at 45-35 with 12:58 left in the half. Maine called their first timeout there, took the lead two jams later, and didn’t look back, owning the rest of the half to lead 131-65 by the break. Ithaca was unable to duplicate their strong opening in the second half, and the second half was all Maine; in the end, Maine won 225-108.