Feature Preview: #9 Philly @ #12 Charm City

Feature Preview: #9 Philly @ #12 Charm City Philly led by 70 points with under 10 minutes to play against Charm in the semifinals of the 2011 East Playoffs; Charm's comeback fell a bit short in a 153-127 final. Photo: Tyler Shaw.

BALTIMORE, MD — One of the longest-running rivalries in WFTDA play gets another edition this Saturday night in Baltimore when Philly (9 DNN, 2E WFTDA) trucks down I-95 to take on Charm City (12 DNN, 3E WFTDA).

Live on DNN on Saturday, July 7 courtesy of Charm City Roller Girls & Tuffnerd Productions. PRG Independence Dolls / CCRG Female Trouble undercard at 6:30pm Eastern; Philly / Charm City starts at approximately 8pm Eastern.

Charm City and Philly have faced off five times in their history, with the first one in early 2007; Charm was only victorious once in a 2009 game controversial at the time for Philly sitting the top half of their roster; Philly won the rematch three weeks later at Eastern Regionals by the exact same score. More recently, though, Charm City has been breathing down Philly’s backs in their meetings. Last year, Charm barely dropped a 132-124 game early in the season, and then almost came back from a penalty-heavy first half against Philly in the East region semifinal, losing 153-127.

Both teams have had some notable turnover since last year, but have more or less managed to bring about the same level of play to their 2012 game. For Philly, Dara Licks and Elle Viento are big 2011 names that aren’t currently on their 20 skater charter. Charm City had a massive exodus after last year’s Championships that included core players Joy Collision, Dolly Rocket, Just Carol, Reckless Ndangerment and CC Bang Bang, but they’ve gotten some hugely effective replacements, particularly in DC transfers Free Radical and Battery Operated and natural rookie Uvetta Work. Jammers Allie B. Back and Crowella De Vil have stepped up their contributions behind captain and ace jammer I.M. Pain to give CCRG a quite solid rotation of 3 with the star. (Just Carol is currently listed on CCRG’s charter but has not played in 2012.)

Only a 22-point upset loss to Montreal two weeks ago at ECDX mars Charm City’s 6-1 record this year; Philly’s record is 2-3, but they’ve had a tougher schedule. The teams have two shared opponents this year; when Philly played Montreal in May, Philly steamrolled the Canucks by a final of 241-96. However, when both teams played Nashville on back to back days in May, Charm City did a little better, beating Nashville by 140 while Philly won by 101 the next day.

Coming as it does a week after the official close of the WFTDA 2nd quarter, this game is officially more for bragging rights than for positioning going into the East Region playoffs, as leagues are only supposed to consider results from before July 1 when casting their votes for the next rankings. However, with the quarterly rankings usually not released until a month after that cutoff date, it’s possible that a Charm City upset here could be reflected in the tournament seedings.

X0X0 Damage Dahl // 06 Castro // 8 Mo Pain // 15 Persephone // 29 Copper Top // 72 Gloria Grindem // 81 Eileen U. Scream // 85 Teflon Donna // 87 Goldy // 91 Alessa Evil // 100 Antidote // 247 Devoida Mercy // 305 Shenita Stretcher // 527 Heavy Flo // 609 Salenetri // 666 Belle Diablo // 668 Olivia Face // 933 Ginger Vitis // 1369 Whiplash // 1818 V-Diva

2 O’Chit // T2 Allie B. Back // 2AA Battery Operated // 8 Free Radical // 12 ThoroughBled // 14 Feral Kat // 26 Just Carol // 34 Lady Quebeaum // 45 Quickshot Kitty // 63 Holden Grudges // 100 Rosie the Rioter // 101 Crowella De Vil // 110 Uvetta Work // 415 Holly Gohardly // 1001 Daizee Haze // 1618 I.M. Pain // 777 Trixy Von Doom // 1968 Collene Oscopy