NC 7th Place: 10NC Madison Finishes Off 4NC Arch Rival, 217-119

NIAGARA FALLS, NY — 4 seed Arch Rival came into the North Central Playoffs with high hopes of advancing to Championships, but a disappointing 1-3 run ended with a big 217-119 loss to the tournament’s bottom seed Madison in the 7th place game. A 96-4 run in the second half for Madison sank Arch Rival’s hopes of equalizing their weekend record.

Madison narrowly won the first two jams to hold a 11-6 advantage early, and by jam 3 Arch Rival had managed to fill both blocker seats in the penalty box, allowing Madison’s Mouse to pick up a 10-0 and put her team up 21-6 five minutes into the game.

Arch Rival jammer Downtown Dallis was boxed at the very end of that jam, and Madison went to fully passive offense for the first half of the fourth jam — but their jammer Magic Missile committed a major back block while trying to push her way through the pink ARRG pack. Dallis ended up on the right side of the jam with a 9-5 win, leaving it 26-15 Madison, but a 10-0 to Madison extended that lead to 36-15 with 20 minutes in the first half.

Arch Rival got three in the next jam with their first lead call of the afternoon. They got their second in the next jam but couldn’t stop Mouse extending Madison’s lead to 39-20. Mighty Mighty Boston made it three in a row just before Magic Missile was boxed on another major back block. Boston put up 18 and made it a one-point game at the halfway point of the first period, with Madison leading 39-38.

It was four lead calls in a in a row and a first lead for Arch Rival when Black Market Baby got the better of Sugalumps for a natural grand slam. Dallas made it five with a hard-fought 3-0. A 4-0 for Magic Missile broke the Arch Rival run. Mightt Mighty Boston got a major cut call, and Sugalumps retook the lead for Madison with a 25-0 for, making it 68-46.

Sugalumps got a major low block call when she fell into the ankles of a stationary Arch Rival wall. That let South City Shiner put up a 23-4 jam to cut Madison’s lead to 10 with five minutes remaining. The Madison lead was stretched to 17 at 86-69 over the final jams of the half as pack speeds went up and neither side could keep the jammers in check.

Arch Rival edged the opening jams of the second half, and when Wildberry Punch picked up a fourth minor for skating out of bounds, Mighty Mighty Boston put up an 18-0 for Arch Rival to retake the lead. A two-minute jam saw the scores briefly tied before Mouse was boxed and Black Market Baby retook and extended the Arch Rival lead to 111-100.

However, that was the beginning of a nightmarish 15 scoreless minutes for Arch Rival. Mouse made it a one-point game in the very next jam as Arch Rival filled their box. Kill’ Ems held up Boston in the next jam to let Madison retake the lead — and Sugalumps consolidated that lead in the next jam when Black Market Baby got a major low block call after a bruising fight with the Madison pack. She made it 128-111 before she plowed into the back of an Arch Rival wall as her pack watched from the sidelines. Baby couldn’t score though — she got called for a block with the head on her scoring pass. Sugalumps made the Madison lead 32 with Black Market Baby served the rest of her time.

Mouse pushed the lead to a bout-high 40 next jam as The Educator took the star for the first time for Arch Rival looking to stem Madison’s run. It didn’t work, though as successive scoreless jams for Arch Rival saw Mouse and Wildberry Punch pushed the Madison run to 84-0 as Arch Rival kept their box full jam of blockers after jam.

Boston had a chance to break what was then a nine-jam scoreless run when she got a lead call, but she was forced into a call at 0-0. Black Market Baby finally broke the scoring drought for Arch Rival, but it was on the wrong end of a 12-4 jam to Wildberry Punch that left the score at 196-115 with six minutes left. By that point, the eventual outcome was a forgone conclusion, and Madison won 217-119.

Madison finished Thrill of the Spill with two wins and two losses, climbing from ten to seven; Arch Rival tumbled from four to eight.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.