East 9th Place: 5E Steel City Pulverizes 9E Dutchland, 476-107

BURLINGTON, VT — After a close, tough loss to 4E Charm City on Friday and a stunning upset at the hands of 10E DC on Saturday, 5E Steel City managed to blow 9E Dutchland out 476-107 on their way to ninth place. It was the end of a torrid weekend for both teams: Steel City finished with their lowest-ever Eastern region ranking, and Dutchland, decimated by mid-season personnel losses, lost all of their games by over 200 points on their way to last place in the tournament. It was the third time this tournament and the fourth time in playoff history that a 400-point total has been posted, and set a new high-scoring record for a single team in the playoffs.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

With Skid Ho controlled by Ally McKill, Hard Times, Athena and Dakota Slamming, Snot Rocket Science blasted Steel City into an early 13-0 lead. An 8-8 between Leannibal Lector and JK Trolling added a slightly bizarre flavour to the opening exchanges, but it was jam three when Steel started to exert some true control over their opposition and scoreboard.

Jam three saw the first power jam — Twisted Scizzors was boxed on a fourth minor during her first pass of her first jam as jammer after being penalized for cutting, a back block and finally a forearm. Snot Rocket Science wasted no time showing off why she’s a member of the Team USA squad as she dropped a 30-0 on a depleted Dutchland to make it 51-8.

Steel City edged two close jams before Dutchland got their first jam win with a 3-0 for Skid Ho over Leannibal Lector, with points gifted to the Dutchland jammer by a loose Steel pack. But when JK Trolling got boxed on a major forearm after trying to swim through the Dutchland pack, Hurricane Heather made it 99-17 with a 25-0, and SRS made the lead a round 100 at 117-17 with 17 minutes gone.

Another bizarre high-scoring jam followed that let Dutchland almost double their score as Leannibal Lector let one jam run the whole two minutes despite an early lead call and having no apparent reason to want to run the clock. She won the jam 20-16, and that made it 146-33.

Another 30-0 for SRS followed when Bela Lowblowsi hit the box for two minutes following a major backblock and major illegal procedure midway through the next jam; that let Heather drop a 33-0 and Snot Rocket Science pushed it to 218-37 before Bela was released in the next jam.

A 25-21 jam closed out the half between Leannibal — who again elected to let the jam run, this time to try and clear her team’s box — and left Steel with a huge 243-58 lead. Of Dutchland’s 58 points in the half, only three were obtained when they head lead jammer — and all points gained when not were due to either jammer error or choice on the part of Steel City.

Skid Ho added to that earned-points total in the opening jam of the second half with the first Dutchland grand slam of the game as Ho put up a 9-0 over Snot Rocket Science with a 3-1 pack advantage helping her on her way. A 2-0 for JK Trolling added to the mini Dutchland revival, but that was quickly snuffed out.

Punk Sue Tawney scored but picked up a fourth minor is a jam that SRS let run, and that made the lead 199 at 276-75. A 14-0 for Heather finished off the power jam.

The next jam was a power jam as well when JK Trolling picked up a fourth minor within ten seconds of the jam whistles. Leannibal added 23 in that jam, letting JK pick up 10 of her own at the end of the jam in an attempt to burn more blocker penalties. Athena laid out Skid Ho in the next jam with a trademark hit to the outside that sent the Dutchland jammer sprawling, and Snot Rocket Science put up a natural 11-0 to make it 324-85.

At that point, it was just a question of how large the final score would be — Steel City ended up scraping 500 points when they finished Dutchland off 476-107 for Dutchland’s second 300-point loss in a row.

Steel City’s 9th place finish drops them four slots from their initial seeding; Dutchland, who allowed 1,193 points over three games on the weekend, drop one slot from 9th to 10th.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.