SC 5th Place: 7SC No Coast Stuns 4SC Nashville, 152-126

LINCOLN, NE — 64 powerjam points in in the last three jams were enough to give No Coast fifth place in the South Central, and condemn last year’s third-place finishers to sixth place, 152-126.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

The bout opened with four single pass jams after alternating lead calls; that meant Nashville edged the opening five minutes 9-8 courtesy of a single jammer lap point. Slam Anderson broke that pattern in jam five to give No Coast their first lead of the bout with a second lead call in a row for the home team. A two-minute jam between Four Leaf Roller and Flash Gloria saw high pack speeds and hard-hitting defence from both sides and didn’t make any material difference to that gap.

No Coast edged ahead with a run of lead jam calls as Kelly Ripa-Nipalov and Jennifer Smith did good work on a succession of Nashville jammers. Slam Anderson put up an 11-1 to make it 42-21 in the first double-digit scoring jam of the half with 11:53 on the clock with Four Leaf Roller bottled up in the No Coast pack.

No Coast continued to win the race to the jammer line between jams and successfully dominated lead jam calls as a result. They edged ahead with successive single-digit jams to make the lead 54-21 with 7:31 left in the half.

The next six jams were a wash–but the half ended with a 9-0 for Sugar Magmaulya that left Nashville with a 21 deficit to make up in the second half, with No Coast leading 62-41.

Battling powerjams opened the second period, but it was Flash Gloria who came out the stronger. She had stretched the lead to 32 by that point–but she was boxed for a second time in the jam for a major cut after skidding all the way across the apex of turn one and into the turn, and ill-advisedly standing up and skating back to the infield in an attempt to return behind the blocker who’d levelled her.

Flash Gloria came out of the box next jam only to backblock her way straight back into it, and let Four Leaf Roller make it 77-65. From that point on Nashville never relinquished control for more than a few moments when they won the races to the jammer line; a 4-0 for them brought the game to within ten points of the Music City All Stars since the first five minutes, before Sugar Magmaulya made it a one-point game with a natural 8-0 with 22:56 left. A 3-0 for Four Leaf Roller in a long high-speed jam then triggered the first lead change of the half, before Britches ‘N’ Hose make the Nashville lead 11 with a 9-0 as Hildabeast controlled Flash Gloria.

The lead was slowly pushed to 25 with as the bout entered its final ten minutes as Nashville held the back of the pack off the jam line and picked up a consistent run of lead jam calls. A 14-0 for Eva La Speed made the lead a fairly comfortably 39 for Nashville with a little over 7 minutes left, and triggered No Coast to use their final time-out in an attempt to work out how to turn things around.

That time-out had the desired effect as the No Coast blockers started to win that race to the jammer line and got their first consistent run of lead calls in the half. As it happened No Coast won five out of the last six lead calls, and went on a 68-3 run to seal the bout, with 64 of those points coming from two powerjams for Flash Gloria over Sugar Magmaulya in the final three jams.

A 3-0 for Four Leaf Roller after the first powerjam gave Nashville a tiny amount of breathing space with a minute or so to go–but Flash Gloria’s 30-0 in the final jam claimed fifth place for No Coast while Magmaulya could do nothing but look on horrified from the box as her team were condemned to sixth place, 152-126.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.