SC Consolation: 7SC No Coast Outruns 9SC Tallahassee, 229-148

LINCOLN, NE — A bout dominated by single-pass jams ended up being decided by some huge No Coast power jams in the first period. Tallahassee mounted a fine comeback to win the second half by 50 points–but it wasn’t nearly enough to dig themselves out of the 131-point hole they found themselves in at the half. No Coast progressed to the fifth-place game with a 229-148 victory.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Seven 4-0 jams opened the bout, all but one of which went to No Coast as Tallahassee ran into some early penalty trouble. But jam eight saw No Coast’s Eva La Speed stretch the lead as she racked up a 25-0 when Stone Her was boxed on a major forearm and Eva’s scoring passes were never troubled by more than two blockers at a time for Tallahassee. Tallahassee called their first time-out with exactly eight minutes gone and in a 49-4 hole after that jam.

But it didn’t help. Flash Gloria forced a cut on Low Maim in the very next jam and put up a 29-0 to make that lead 78-4. Normal four-and-out service was resumed after a 0-0 next jam with one 3-0 for Low Maim breaking the pattern in between.

It was 15 minutes into the game before a jam in which both teams picked up points. After a 0-0, Stone Her was boxed to give Flash Gloria another powerjam. Flash had three blockers to beat for much of that power jam; she had made it 118-15 by the time Stone Her made it out of the pack, having no more trouble with three Nashville blockers on her scoring passes than she had had with one and two in her previous power jams.

The next several jams again featured four-and-outs as neither team’s packs could hold jammers for particularly long; one quickfire 4-4 was a fine example of both team’s focus on offensive rather than defensive play.

It was 133-25 when Low Maim was boxed on a fourth minor. A 28-0 for Eva La Speed with one and two Tallahassee blockers to beat made it 161-25 with just over a minute left in the period.

Catchup put up the final points of the half to give Tallahassee something positive to dwell on in the interval; but No Coast went into the break with a seemingly impregnable 161-30 lead.

A 9-2 for Low Maim was followed by a 24-0 for Catchup after consecutive lead calls for Tallahassee. Great Wall of Gina took her first turn with the star in jam three of the second period and she put up a 4-0 to cut the deficit to a mere 100 points with four minutes gone in the half.

Next jam out, Flash Gloria ran clock for just long enough on her four-nothing to get Low Maim boxed on a major backblock as she tried to steal some points at the death, and that let Slam Anderson put up a 12-0–though she was boxed during her third pass, letting Low Maim stop that powerjam being another twenty-five-plus-point disaster for Tallahassee. The left the scoreboard reading 179-73 with ten minutes gone; two jams later Flash Gloria and Low Maim lapped the track with each other with little hindrance from any of the four blockers on the track for a full two minutes to make it 199-90

Just after that, though, Stone Her put up a 15-0 when Eva La Speed picked up a deeply unlucky back block call, and a 5-0 for Catchup the other side of the powerjam made it 203-110 as the lead dipped under 100 for the first time since the early going.

The teams traded more four-and-out jams as the bout entered its final ten minutes before Slam Anderson was again the villain for No Coast as she was boxed–but Catchup and Stone Her could only add five points each during that penalty to make it 211-128.

Single-pass jams for both teams almost closed out the bout–but it was an 8-1 victory for Stone Her that wrapped up day two of South Central regionals. No Coast battled their way to the fifth-place game with Nashville at 2 pm with a 229-148 victory; Tallahassee will fight Omaha for seventh at noon.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.