WFTDA Championships Final: 1E Gotham Repeats on 1W Oly, 233-130

ATLANTA, GA — On Sunday afternoon, 1E Gotham became the first team to ever win the WFTDA’s championship trophy in consecutive years when they defeated 1W Oly in the WFTDA Championships final for the second year in a row. The final score of 233-130 was a bit misleading as Oly was very much in the game until the last ten minutes — when Gotham closed them out on a 86-5 run to change the margin from 22 to 103 points.

As had been the case in Gotham’s 2011 win over Oly, penalty disparities proved crippling for Oly as the game went on. Oly lost their jammer to the penalty box 10 times against just 2 for Gotham and served 48 minutes in the penalty box overall against 30 for Gotham.

The New Yorkers were overwhelmingly led by Bonnie Thunders with the jammer star, who scored over 75 percent of their points with a tremendous 178-point afternoon; Suzy Hotrod had 40, Claire D. Way had 13 and Brazilian Nut 2. Oly’s scoring was a bit more balanced as Atomatrix led with 60 points, followed by On Da Sligh with 47 and DeRanged with 23.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

Gotham got off to a good start when Bonnie Thunders pulled lead while Atomatrix got boxed on her opening pass; Gotham’s passive offense allowed Bonnie to repeatedly push through Oly’s opening platoon of Joy Collision, Hockey Honey, Psycho Babble and DeRanged for a leadoff 20-0.

Just two jams later, Atom was back in the box after a face-to-face takedown of a backwards-facing Donna Matrix was called as a major forearm; 15-0 to Bonnie had Oly in a 38-0 hole after three jams. Atom returned to the box in the fourth frame — this time, though, Oly blockers Joy, Tannibal Lector and DeRanged had a little more luck handling the passive offense by forcing Claire D Way to the rear of the pack a couple of time. Still, the 13-0 left Gotham up 51-0 after only 8 minutes of play.

The power jam opportunity finally worked out in Oly’s favor next, as Atomatrix returned from a long exile in the penalty box just in time to see Brazilan Nut get boxed as Gotham jammer. She racked up 29-0 on a 2-2 pack, and Onda Sligh picked up 4-2 next with a slightly delayed call-off. After that sequence, the score was a more reasonable 53-33 with about 20 minutes left in the first half.

With the score 56-39 about five minutes later, Oly got their second power jam chance as Bonnie Thunders committed a rare error by cutting track with lead jammer at the conclusion of her first scoring pass — she tried to call it off but only got a trip to the penalty box. Onda Sligh turned that into 6-0 Oly, and on the other side of the power jam, DeRanged managed to get 4-0 quickly enough to ice Bonnie in the box.

Oly was within just 8 points there at 59-51, but Bonnie got lead out of the box and claimed 4-0 of her own. It was 63-51 with 11 minutes in the half, but Joy Collision, Psycho Babble, DeRanged and Hockey Honey had Suzy Hotrod’s number on the next, letting Onda Sligh rack up a 19-4 that put Oly in the lead for the first time, 70-67, with 9:45 in the first half.

With the score 77-67 Oly soon afterwards, a light pack of just Sassy and Lil Tonka against 4 for Gotham created an opportunity for Bonnie Thunders to put Gotham back in the lead with a 13-0, making it 80-77. The teams traded the lead on each of the next two jams, with Gotham barely up 84-81 entering the last 5 minutes of the half.

From there, though, Gotham controlled the scoring for the rest of the half, shutting down Oly on a 20-0 run and going into the break holding a 104-81 lead.

DeRanged managed to break the scoring drought on the second half opener, splitting OMG WTF and Sexy Slaydie as four on the floor held Bonnie Thunders to a goose egg in a 4-0. A lengthy series of very close jams — 3-0 Gotham, 0-0, 4-0 Oly, 4-0 Oly and 0-0 again — barely moved the score to 107-93 with about 22 to play.

Gotham opened it up again on a big power jam — Oly blocker Ecko got a big razzing from the crowd after continuing a block on Bonnie Thunders out of bounds and almost all the way into the Gotham bench, and she was the first of numerous Oly skaters to hit the box in that jam. With Oly’s jammer DeRanged following her in not too long afterwards, Bonnie eventually was looking at a 4-2 pack, which she transformed into a 20-0 and a 127-97 Gotham lead.

Oly reached triple digits with 20 minutes left to play at 136-100; Onda Sligh followed with a trademark aerial juke of Sexy Slaydie for lead jammer and 4-0, and Atomatrix put 3 more unanswered points up next. A minor Oly rally had it 136-107 with 16:25 to play.

Gotham parried with 4-0 and 3-0 of their own, but were forced to call their first timeout at 143-107 to untangle an apparently complicated penalty queue. They’d spend the next two jams with only two blockers on the floor, and that gave Oly a chance to take lead twice and put up 16 unanswered points to make the score 147-123 with 12:14 to go in the game.

Oly pulled a bit of a trick play on the next frame, with an immediate star pass off the line from Psycho Babble to pivot Atomatrix, who was able to steal 2 points before Bonnie Thunders got lead and called it off. Oly trailed by just 22 points at 147-125.

But Oly’s DeRanged was boxed at a very inopportune time on the next frame, as Oly had two blockers already in the box; Bonnie Thunders navigated past Hockey Honey and Joy Collision on her way to a crippling 29-0 frame. Suddenly the Gotham lead was looking a lot more imposing at 176-125 with under 10 minutes to go; Oly never recovered from that blow.

Two jams later, with the score 185-125, the nail in the coffin came as Oly’s Atomatrix committed a major track cut — and once again Oly had only two on the floor to try to slow Bonnie Thunders’ roll. Bonnie’s 19-0 put the game just about out of reach, 204-125, with 5:30 left in the season.

Oly only scored on one more jam in the game — and fittingly, the game ended on Oly’s 10th jammer penalty and Bonnie Thunders racking up a big score on power jam. That final 20-0 put Gotham’s winning margin into triple digits at 103, and Bonnie called it off when period time expired to claim Gotham’s third Hydra, 233-130.