Track Queens Consolation: Crime City Arrests Glasgow, 171-145

Track Queens Consolation: Crime City Arrests Glasgow, 171-145 (c) Check Mate

BERLIN, GERMANY–An increasingly raucous crowd cheered on the second bout of the second day of Track Queens in a bout that was as much of a nailbiter as many of the bouts on day one. A back-and-forth first half saw Glasgow hold a three-point half-time lead, but it was Crime City who triumphed, 171-145.

Ankefar drew first blood as Marshall Lawless found herself trapped behind Ninja, I am and Alotta Riot for the full two minutes as Crime City quickly raced into a 20-0 lead.

Curly Håår added two more for Crime City in jam two before Fenix Fortsomfan made it three from three for the Swedes before adding two more points to their total. Ankefar made that run four-in-row with a third consecutive 2-0 jam before Lawless broke the streak and put Glasgow’s first five points up as Mistress Malicious single-handedly held Curly at the back of a fast-moving pack.

Hardcore Prawn and Rogue Runner got consecutive lead calls for Glasgow before Ninja was boxed with the star for Crime City–and Rogue put up a 23-0 to take the lead 28-26 for Glasgow with eleven minutes gone.

Lawless then made sure Glasgow matched Crime City’s initial run of four lead calls in a row–and called it on a second scoring pass as Curly hit the pack for a 9-2 win. A false start for Ankefar after a 5-0 from McMillan let Rogue make the run six and Glasgow’s lead 51-28 before a forearm called ended her involvement in the jam and let Ankefar put up five just as the jam expired.

Curly broke Glasgow’s lead streak as she started unopposed on the jammer line next time out, and a 7-0 jam for her made it 51-40 with 12 minutes left. Hardcore Prawn gave Crime City another powerjam in jam 12 courtesy of another major forearm call–but Fenix got a forearm call of her own before seeing any points go up on the board. She was released in relatively short order, and that jam left Glasgow with a perilous 58-49 lead.

Ankefar took four off the lead before Lawless swiftly added them back on. McMillan had added four and Rogue Runner when the latter picked up a high block major to let Ankefar push Crime City into a 76-73 lead with 3:54 left in the half.

Ninja then set up Curly for another powerjam as she drew a major from Lawless after a long tustle with the Glasgow jammer. Mazzy Chaos and Chemikill Hazard starred during the penalty kill, though, and limited Curly to eight points on the powerjam.

That defence was proved even more effective than it had seemed at the time when a lengthy official time-out saw Curly sent to the box for a major cut the officials had missed during that powerjam as she was being recycled. That let McMillan tie it up before Curly was released–and she polished the jam off as the half expired with an apex jump as Curly was about to engage on her second pass that gave her three points and Glasgow an 89-86 half-time lead.

The first two jams of the half were a wash before jam three saw both jammers false start and lap the track by themselves as both packs hovered by the jam line, before Curly eventually put up a 4-0 to give Crime city a 94-93 lead.

After a 0-0 Lawless put up two for a lead change, but three for Curly restored Crime City’s advantage as both teams filled the box. Another McMillan apex jump past a fast-moving pack restored that one-point Glasgow lead.

A hotly-contested 4-0 for Ankefar was followed by the first jam in four not to feature a a lead-change when Very Hungry Splatterkiller got out second but called it at 0-0.

Menzies did a number on Fenix at the start of the next jam to let Prawn get lead–but she couldn’t quite effect a lead change, as her two points left Crime City with a 101-100 lead with 19 minutes to go. McMillan finished the job with a 4-0 next time out.

A late call off from Curly let Lawless take the subsequent jam 3-2 despite missing out on the lead call. But two untouched scoring passes for Fenix gave Crime City a 116-107 lead.

Ankefar had a 3-1 pack advantage for the opening seconds of the jam that followed, but strong offence from Chemikill Hazard limited her to four. Curly put up a 4-0 of her own in identical circumstances.

A low block call on Fenix tipped proceedings briefly in Glasgow’s favour as Lawless pulled the gap back into single digits before Fenix was sprung–and five more with Fenix out restored Glasgow’s lead, 127-124.

Splatterkiller and Mistress held Ankefar for long enough for Prawn to get out–but she ended up boxed on her first scoring pass after trying to call it despite not having lead jammer status. That jam finished 26-3 in Ankefar’s favour, and Crime City led 150-130–their biggest lead since the opening jams.

Curly consolidated as Prawn struggled with Evil Eye and Misty Muffdivah next time out–and over the course of the next few jams Crime City controlled proceedings. Their lead was a daunting 40 points when Glasgow picked up their first lead call since conceding the lead with just over two minutes left. Splatterkiller put up 14 as Chaos and Hazard repeatedly recycled Fenix.

That left Crime City with a 26-point margin to defend, and a 4-3 pack advantage to help them on their way with 20 seconds on the stopped clock as a call from the penultimate jam was reviewed. Ankefar got lead and called it without scoring–and that left Crime City 171-145 winners.

Crime City progress to the second round of the consolation bracket against Gent at 8 p.m. tonight; Glasgow will play Central City in a fight to avoid a last-place finish at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.