Power Rankings – March 2013

Championships data and a few early-season indicators form the basis of the first Power Rankings release of the year.

Jan / February 2013 Hits (6)

(16) Naptown 211, Bleeding Heartland 85
(21) DC 201, Gainesville 141
Brewcity 154, (17) Detroit 295
Tri-City 59, (18) Montreal 301
Toronto 96, (16) Naptown 239
Connecticut 161, (21) DC 193

Jan / February 2013 Misses (3)

(23) Madison 170, Angel City 253
(15) Steel City 109, Angel City 216
(21) DC 158, Jacksonville 290

2013 Totals: 6 hits, 3 misses

2013 Accuracy: 66%


All the movement near the top of the rankings comes from results at Championships. The big winner here is Texas–the Texecutioners outperformed expectations massively, upsetting a Bay Area team that beat them handily in the middle of last season, so slot in above them for now.

The additions of Dolly Rocket and Amanda Jamitinya to Bay Area’s roster and the loss of Belle Starr (heading to Rose City) and Vicious Van GoGo (now with Gotham) from Texas’ could tip the balance, but we’ll wait to see some results before we even think about factoring that in.

Naptown also leapfrogs Atlanta based on their game at Championships. Naptown’s two big wins in the period against non-Power Ranked teams were as expected, but backed up their case a little.

The Rest

The big movers are Steel City and Angel City. Steel City had a torrid time at Eastern regionals last year, coming out ninth. While we still view the DC win as something of an aberration, it is starting to look closer to the norm. Steel’s loss to Angel City combines with Angel’s narrower win over Madison to boost Angel all the way up to 19, while the Steel Hurtin’ slip below the Dairyland Dolls.

DC drop off entirely after a heavy loss to Jacksonville and two narrow wins over unranked Connecticut and Gainesville.

The Bubble

Wasatch, Bear City and Sacred City are all still very much on the bubble and jockeying for inclusion. All have beaten power-ranked teams in the relatively recent past (Angel City, DC and Angel City respectively), but we feel they don’t have quite enough data behind them to back up their inclusion quite yet.

Jacksonville are on the radar too after beating DC 290-158. Without DC’s Connecticut and Gainesville results, they might have snuck onto the rankings this time, but those suggest DC have taken a stumble since the end of 2012, so the New Jax City Rollers lose out this time.

European Radar

Bear City’s pre-playoff win over DC showed that the top European teams are able to compete with the bottom of the teams in the Power Rankings, in light of DC’s strong playoff performances if not their showing at the start of 2013. The results at Track Queens: Battle Royal mean that Stockholm, Gent and Auld Reekie appear on the radar as distant blips having shown they are all potentially at a very similar level to the Berliners. There’s clearly not nearly enough relevant data to rank them quite yet–and Berlin’s heavy, heavy loss to London that weekend factors in too–but there’s enough there to suggest they’re well worth watching if and when they take on some more established opposition later in the year.

Hopefully discussions will be as civil, erudite and considered in 2013 as they were in 2012: head over to the Power Rankings thread to have your say.