Wild West Showdown: Jet City Shatters Emerald City, 196-131

Jammer Stats

Jet City
Ivana Hercha 6 Lead – 11 Total, 0 jams in the box, 57 pts
Pippy Longstalker 10-13, 1, 52 pts
Eva Derci 3-6, 1, 36 pts
Grr Rawr Rawr 7-11, 4, 31 pts
Tabula Rasa 2-2, 1, 14 pts
Nasty Nikki Nightstick 1-1, 0, 3 pts
Morticia Militia 1-1, 0, 3 pts
Emerald City
Betty Aim Fire 1-10, 0, 58 pts
Jala Pain Yo 5-8, 3, 31 pts
Grace Golden 4-12, 0, 27 pts
Wonder Dread 3-9, 0, 15 pts
Medusa Harm 0-3, 1, 0 pts
Psychotic Rage 1-2, 0, 0 pts
Ogden 0-1, 0, 0 pts

BREMERTON, WA–The last time Jet City and Emerald City met was a closed bout in Everett, WA, in 2011. Jet City won that 112-93. Since then, there have been nonstop talks about a rematch. That rematch finally came to fruition Saturday night, and for the most part, it lived up to the hype. In a bout characterized by scoring runs, it was Jet City who posted the most massive scoring run in the final 22 minutes of the game to win 196-131.

Emerald City drew first blood when Jet City’s jammer Grrr Rawr Rawr picked up two-straight track cuts to give Emerald City power jams of 28-2 for Betty Aim Fire and 15-0 for Wonder Dread. Then, Jet City threw together a 73-7 run to take the lead 75-50 with 8 minutes to go in the half. Instrumental in that run was a 29-4 power jam by Ivana Hercha.

Emerald City then went on a 42-2 tear to take a 15-point lead at 92-77. Jala Pain Yo’s 20-0 power jam was a big contributor to that scoring spree. Also during this run, Emerald City’s crushing blocker Lauren Neel (aka Frankie Facebreaker) was ejected from the bout after her forearm made contact with Jet City jammer Ivana Hercha’s face. Ivana Hercha would return to the bout later, seemingly unfazed, to lead Jet City in scoring with 57 points. Jet City went into halftime with a 106-96 lead thanks to a 29-4 power jam by Eva Derci on the final jam of the half.

In typical fashion for this bout, Emerald City kicked off the second half with a 32-11 run. They tied the score on the very first jam of the second half when Betty Aim Fire had a 14-4 power jam. Betty led all scorers with 58 points. But, with the score 128-117 Emerald City, Jet City took control.

The statistics tell the whole story. In the final 22 minutes of the bout, Jet City outscored Emerald City 79-3. They got lead on 16 of the final 17 jams. There were no specific jams that were particularly damaging. In fact, Jet City never scored more than ten points in any of the second-half jams. They just consistently got lead, got their points, and called it off. When all was said and done, Jet City skated away with a 196-131 win.

Jet City’s two other bouts on the weekend were closer, very close. On Sunday morning, they lost to Santa Cruz by three points, 165-162. Then, that afternoon, they beat Sac City 149-143.

Emerald City went 1-2 on the weekend.