Wild West Showdown: Sac City sacks Emerald City, 199-108

Jammer Stats

Sac City
La Lucha 6 Lead – 13 Total, 4 jams in the box, 91 pts
Too Short 9-14, 2, 56 pts
Spankenstein 11-15, 4, 52 pts
Emerald City
Jala Pain Yo 4-10, 3, 39 pts
Ogden 5-11, 0, 27 pts
Wonder Dread 1-5, 0, 21 pts
Lauren Neel 2-5, 0, 11 pts
Betty Aim Fire 3-8, 2, 10 pts
Medusa Harm 0-2, 0, 0 pts
Psychotic Rage 0-1, 0, 0 pts

BREMERTON, WA–The last time Emerald City and Sac City met was in the 3rd-place bout at the 2011 Battle for the Coast. Emerald City skated away with a convincing win in that match-up, but a lot has changed since then. Emerald City has fallen from a contender for the top ten in the West to a solid Division 2 team. Sac City is now a full WFTDA member and rivals their fellow Sacramento league, Sacred City, in ability. Sac City demonstrated how much they’ve improved over the last two years by handing Emerald City their biggest loss of the weekend, 199-108.

For the first eight minutes, it looked like Emerald City might better Sac City yet again. With Sac City’s blockers keeping the penalty box seats warm, Emerald City skated to a 22-12 advantage. But, a 14-0 non-power jam by La Lucha, the bout’s top scorer with 91, put Sac City in the lead for the first time. Sac City would only continue to build upon that lead for the remainder of the game. With Emerald City’s blockers in constant penalty trouble, Sac City pushed the lead to 96-52 at halftime. One of the more damaging jams was a 25-0 power jam by La Lucha.

The second half was more of the same. Emerald City got within 31 points with 23 minutes left in the bout thanks to power jams, but once Sac City reined in their jammer penalties, it was good night. Dorothy. H.N. Icy’s blocking was instrumental in Sac City’s success. Icy kept leveling the Emerald City jammers until their legs were noodley and ineffective. The only bright spot for Emerald City in the second half was a 19-3 power jam for Jala Pain Yo, who led all Emerald City jammers with 39 points.

As for Sac City, they stuck to a three-jammer rotation for the entire bout: La Lucha, Spankenstein (who finished with 52 points), and Too Short (56 points.) Thanks to a 20-0 La Lucha power jam, Sac City ended the bout with their biggest lead: 199-108.

Sac City finished the weekend 1-2. They lost big to Terminal City (207-126) on Saturday and barely fell to Jet City 149-143 in the final bout of the tournament. Sac City led for much of the bout against Jet City, but Jet was able to pull ahead late. Ahead 149-143 with only 16 seconds left in the bout, Jet City called a timeout. Realizing they could have just let the clock run out and gone home with the win, Jet City tried to take their timeout back, but it was too late. The mistake had zero impact on the results though. According to Emerald City official (in an unofficial capacity) Megapickle’s calculations posted on the WWS Facebook page, Sac City had the most successful weekend as far as the WFTDA rankings calculator is concerned, but we currently have no way of confirming those numbers.

Emerald City finished the weekend 1-2.