We’re moving!

Five years after DNN moved from hosting at WordPress.com to a virtual private server at Linode.com, this month we’re making another big move up. We’re doing this for essentially the same reason as five years ago: we’re gearing up for a major overhaul of the site, and we want to give it the foundation it deserves.

Toward this end, we’re migrating to Amazon Web Services, the gold standard for website hosting. AWS provides incredible flexibility and survivability. During traffic spikes, we can spin up additional web servers in mere minutes, and even automate that process (so that a new instance will automatically spawn if we reach a certain high level of utilization, *before* we have an outage). When our migration is complete, we’ll have at least a pair of webservers up at all times, a separate database server, and a hot spare database server on standby in case something goes horribly wrong with the live dbs.

We migrated DerbyLife a year ago, without a hiccup and (we believe) without a moment of downtime. Today, we get to work on DNN as well — cross your fingers and wish us luck, but we believe it should go smoothly as well.

We’ve made one minor change to our workings in support of this migration: DNN and DerbyLife no longer share a common user base. If you had an account on DNN up until a week ago, that username and password info will continue to be valid on DerbyLife. New accounts will be site-specific. We may return to a common user base in the future, but the implementation we were using just brought with it more headaches than it was worth.

Watch this space for more updates on our 2013 site upgrade plans!