Power Rankings – April 2013

There’s a lot more action in the Power Rankings this month as teams start to kick off their seasons in earnest. We’ve got our first ranking debut of the year, and another team returning after a lengthy absence. Want to skip the reasoning and jump straight to rankings? Go on then.

March 2013 Hits

(21) Ohio 280, Burning River 89
(21) Ohio 241, Bleeding Heartland 87
(23) Steel City 219, New Hampshire 99
(6) Windy City 207, (14) Naptown 125
(25) Arch Rival 387, St Chux 75
(17) Montreal 188, (20) Boston 117
(19) Angel City 243, Sacred City 139
(17) Montreal 333, Maine 38
(21) Ohio 201, Toronto 155
(21) Ohio 371, Rideau Valley 38
(4) Texas 300, (10) Minnesota 151
(15) Atlanta 474, Blue Ridge 49
(16) Detroit 158, (23) Steel City 157
(5) Bay Area 356, Sacred City 136
(21) Ohio 211, Queen City 125
(8) Philly 231, (12) Charm City 129
(6) Windy City 249, (17) Montreal 211
(17) Montreal 339, Chicago Outfit 88

March 2013 Misses

(19) Angel City 210, (11) Charm City 193**
No Coast 149, (25) Arch Rival 146**

2013 Totals: 24 hits, 5 misses
2013 Accuracy: 83%

**Both WFTDA and DNN rankings miss.

Consolidation at the top

April only saw one game between teams in the top half of the rankings: #4 Texas’ win over #11 Minnesota. That 300-151 win was Texas’ biggest-ever victory over a power ranked team, and showed the Texecutioners have carried their championships form from 2012 into the 2013 season.

For Texas, the emergence of Hauss the Boss looks to be a big plus. She had a great game with the star, more than filling the Vicious Van Go Go-shaped hole in the Texecutioner line-up. Add to that Fifi Nomenon, who was only rostered for the hangover game against Your Mom, and Texas look to have an embarrassment of jamming riches to leave them in a strong position for the rest of the year. Texas aren’t in action again until May when they play Rocky Mountain–and it’s not until July that they’ll be seriously tested again. That’s when they head to Chicago for the latest incarnation of the Golden Bowl to take on #3 Denver, #5 Bay Area and #6 Windy City in the 2013 version of the tournament they hosted and went 0-3 in in July 2012.

Minnesota looked to be a similar team to last year; nothing in that game really gave much indication they have either stepped up or slipped back in the off season.

Oh, Montreal

Montreal were leading with minutes to go against Windy City, but ended up slipping to a 30-odd point defeat. We’ve been burned by Montreal before; the Canadians have a history of playing up to their opposition mid-season, so we’re disinclined to read too much into the closeness of this result. That having been said, the return of Iron Wench to form and Windy’s earlier significant (but unsanctioned) win over Naptown give us just enough reason to move the Canadians back up the rankings; they also benefit from a slide from Charm City. Speaking of Charm…

Charm City

Charm provided two bouts this month that give us a little more clarity on their position this year. In addition to their loss in an away game against Angel City (who made it back into the Power Rankings last month after a long absence), Charm lost to Philly at home.

The first result shows Angel City are gaining ground. However, the manner of that loss, combined with the margin of defeat against Philly, makes us think that Charm City have definitely lost a step early this year as their inexperienced jammers–two of their jammers are rookies in WFTDA charter terms–look to be struggling. The 101-point loss to Philly doesn’t look good, given that the Liberty Bells are practically unchanged from last year, had a key jammer only just back into training following a hiatus–and that the margin between Charm and Philly hasn’t been more than 30 points since 2009.

Happily for Charm City, inexperience in their jamming corps is a problem that might sort itself out in time–but is certainly an issue for now.

Angel City climb further after their debut last month mostly on the basis of their Charm result–but Charm’s slide and Montreal’s rise limit the Scarlet’s rise, who tuck in just behind the Canadians at #15.

The Bottom

Steel City and Detroit played out a one-point game that dragged Detroit down to #22. Steel hold firm at #23; the result of their game against #20 Ohio this month will be observed with keen interest by DNN.

March finally gave us the context we wanted for Carolina’s games with River City–and that context wasn’t kind to the Carolina Rollergirls All-Stars. It seems clear that Carolina have lost another step and find themselves in a chasing pack featuring the likes of Columbia and Jacksonville, and out of the Power Rankings.

Arch Rival, who were clinging on the bottom of the power rankings lose out to No Coast after losing to them.

Our final new entry is a long-overdue one: Wasatch. The team from Utah impressed last year and looked to be improving at Westerns last year. We’ve had our eye on them for a while, and the stars have finally aligned for the team. While they didn’t see significant action in March, results at Wild West Showdown and elsewhere showed that they are significantly ahead of the likes of Terminal, Santa Cruz and Jet, and that was enough to earn them a spot in the rankings.

The Bubble

Columbia are still on the DNN Rankings Radar™, as are Jacksonville. The two played out a tight game earlier this month with Columbia coming out on top, and both have power-ranked teams in their extended schedule for the year.

Houston’s demolition of Jacksonville at South Centrals last year means they sneak onto the radar by proxy despite a lack of action this year. They will get a chance this weekend, along with perennial bubble-riders Tampa, to take on the rising star that is Angel City; we will be watching with interest.

We look forward to your calm, cool, considered and courteous expressions of outrage in the Power Rankings thread.