DNN Core Staff Update

Longtime readers may have noticed recent changes to DNN’s core crew complement in recent months.

Site founder and Editor-in-Chief Justice Feelgood Marshall, whose superb writing has been a DNN cornerstone for many years, is taking an extended sabbatical after putting the better part of a million words onto the site since 2007. He may or may not return to a major role; not unlike a league founder, he’s poured heart and soul into the effort, and recharging those resources is an uncertain task at best.

Thankfully, just as he really hit the wall late last summer, two other solid writers were stepping up to carry the load. Lex Talionis, based in London, and Australian transplant Beck Wise (currently in Austin), wrote the vast bulk of 2012 tournament season previews and recaps, building our confidence in DNN’s editorial future. While nobody yet matches Justice’s facility with a derby phrase, these two are steadily plugging away at their ten thousand hours.

Lex has since taken on the role of Managing Editor, handling most of the day-to-day content management that previously fell to Justice and secondarily to me. In addition to continued writing, Beck has also revived the long-neglected @DerbyNews twitter feed, with which she keeps you informed of DNN’s daily goings-on.

Another longtime member of the DNN team has also stepped up to take on significant new responsibilities. Em Dash, DerbyLife’s Managing Editor since we started planning our sister site in late 2010, has assumed the full role of DerbyLife Editor-in-Chief since Mercy Less’s departure at the end of the year. Furthermore, Dash has accepted a number of back-office responsibilities for the company as a whole, and now serves as CFO for Derby News Network LLC.

While it’s been largely invisible to our audience so far, the additions of Em Dash and Lex Talionis to the behind-the-scenes management team is having a transformative effect on our direction. Working with them on a day to day basis, we’ve brought new and much-needed discipline to our planning and budgeting. Where our efforts have been sometimes scattershot in the past, we’ve identified and are now pursuing a clear forward focus: building the tools to make information about bouts more accessible, wherever they may be on the internet.

Toward that end, we’re very happy to see original DNN principal Gnosis getting his hands dirty with the code again. His availability to us has been extremely limited over the past year, as he’s been busy launching and growing a very successful web development house.

With the aforementioned newfound focus, we’ve allocated the necessary resources to get Gnosis back in action — first with a platform upgrade to get DNN onto the current versions of its underlying software, and beyond that with a complete reinvention of the website to include many, many new capabilities. Briefly put, we’re *psyched*.

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There’s much more to tell, but there’s also much more work to do, so you’ll have to be satisfied for now with this small peek at the flurry of action behind the scenes!