Power Rankings – May 2013

Now we’re cooking. May saw a couple of upsets, but most of what we learned came from the closeness of games that went the right way.

This month also marks the passing from the Power Rankings of one team that has been in every single month since the very beginning… one hint: it’s not Gotham. Want to skip the reasoning and jump straight to rankings? Go on then.

April 2013 Hits

(14) Angel City 385, Brewcity 44
(16) Naptown 140, (22) Detroit 104†
(14) Angel City 265, Houston 96
(5) Bay Area 175, (12) Rose City 146
(25) No Coast 234, Blue Ridge 86
(14) Angel City 309, Tampa 130
(21) Madison 211, Sac City 187
(15) Charm City 214, (19) Boston 108
(17) Atlanta 436, Nashville 30
(21) Madison 269, Duke City 202
(7) Philly 232, (19) Boston 153
(9) Rocky Mountain 527, Pikes Peak 80
(13) Montreal 342, River City 96
(12) Rose City 282, (24) Wasatch 122
(13) Montreal 210, Toronto 121
(6) Windy City 193, (11) London 176
(7) Philly 266, DC 113
(20) Ohio 278, River City 68
(16) Naptown 298, Burning River 29
(25) No Coast 348, NEO 44
(15) Charm City 232, (20) Ohio 132
(6) Windy City 420, Berlin 96
(25) No Coast 220, OKVD 158

April 2013 Misses

Sacred City 173, (21) Madison 87*
Arch Rival 164, (18) Kansas City 99‡
(14) Angel City 250, (12) Rose City 204*

2013 Totals: 47 hits, 8 misses
2013 Accuracy: 85%

†DNN hit, WFTDA miss.
‡WFTDA hit, DNN miss.
*Both WFTDA and DNN rankings miss.

Angel City

If you have been living under a particularly large rock for all of 2013, you might not be aware of the tear the Hollywood Scarlets have been on this year. They are now 9-0, with wins over Charm City, Steel City, Rose City, Madison and Sacred City the highlights.

They broke back into the rankings on the basis of wins over the Dairyland Dolls and Steel Hurtin’, and moved up after their upset of the Charm City All-Stars. This month they move up again following their win over Rose City. All of their wins this year have been at home–but this weekend they visit Everett, WA, to take on both Jet City and Rat City to see if they can replicate that home form on the road and continue their meteoric rise.

That form has been so good that a stone-cold Rat City team that hasn’t played a competitive game since regionals and has never bouted as a unit under the 2013 ruleset looks very vulnerable to the Angelenas–so Angel, this month, slot in one spot above the team from Seattle that hasn’t seen any action since their fifth-place finish at Western regionals last year.

Windy City

Windy City’s game against Montreal is looking less like an outlier after a similar performance against London. The Windy City Rollers look to be feeling their way into a new jammer rotation this year and, while it does look to have given them the ability to capitalise on powerjam opportunities, it still seems like a weak spot.

However, Windy does have a chance now to take stock and assess what they’ve learned about their options over the next couple of months. They don’t have any serious action scheduled until July when Bay Area, Denver and Texas visit Chicago–three significantly sterner opponents that those they’ve faced so far.

The Bottom

As Sacred rise on the demise of Madison, Arch Rival’s win over Kansas City sees them return after a one-month absence at the expense of one of the power-rankings ever-presents. Kansas City’s schedule for May is looking light too, making their chances of an immediate return quite slim; neither Chicago Outfit nor Dutchland are currently at a level that even a big win would elicit an immediate return barring serious action elsewhere.

The Bubble

Lurking just outside of the top 25 are a few teams that have shown promise of late, or are just coming back into contention.

Heading that list is Australia’s Victoria Roller Derby League. In May they head to the Pacific northwest for The Big O where they take on Wasatch and Sacred City as well as Terminal City and Arizona. They also have games against Rose City and Rat City (B team and all-stars), and Emerald City. That’s eight bouts (seven WFTDA sanctioned) in the space of seven days. A selection of good results there would not only put VRDL in a good position to qualify for Division I playoffs, it could also put them in contention for a strong power-rankings return.

Two seemingly perpetual bubble residents get another chance to break in this month too: Tampa and Columbia. Their bouts against Ohio and Charm City respectively look like perfect opportunities for both teams to prove that this is the year they crack the top 25.

Other teams who may well be on a trajectory towards future rankings fame, fortune and riches include a cluster of teams around what was once the West: Sin City, Sac City, Santa Cruz and Duke City. Dust Devil was kind to all of them, and while it’s hard to know exactly where they are in relation to the rest of the derby world at the moment, we think they’re definitely heading in the right direction and will be keeping a very close eye on their games.

We look forward to your calm, cool, considered and courteous expressions of outrage in the Power Rankings thread.