2013: A Skate Odyssey Preview

This coming weekend in Gent Europe will see its second playoff-style WFTDA tournament. As with Track Queens: Battle Royal it features a mix of WFTDA apprentice and full-member leagues. The tournament will be broadcast live here on DNN all weekend long, and we will also be trying to bring you as much else from the tournament as we can as we experiment with some new ideas to enhance the experience for those enjoying it vicariously. Bout times are the same on all three days–though Sunday’s schedule ends slightly earlier due to there being one fewer game.

But enough! Onto the teams.


London, who dominated in Berlin, declined the invitation this time around so the title is anybody’s. Auld Reekie and Glasgow also declined invitations as they, like London, have their sights set on the USA this summer. Central City–who came in seeded third in Berlin but finished dead last–are also not present this time around.

Bear City, who finished second in the tournament they hosted have lost to the teams who finished third and fourth since then and handed top seeding to Stockholm.

The next two seeds are teams who didn’t make it to Berlin–Manchester’s Rainy City Roller Girls and the Tiger Bay Brawlers. Rainy City have been among the UK’s top teams since their inception–and their only loss in 2013 so far has been to tournament top seeds Stockholm. Tiger Bay are many people’s favourites for the tournament after the 2013 they’ve had so far–they’re 3-0 in 2013, including a season-opening win against London’s previously undefeated Brawl Saints.

Crime City left Track Queens ranked eighth but come into A Skate Odyssey seeded fifth courtesy of a big win over tournament hosts Gent and close games with top seeds Stockholm and three-seeded Rainy City.

The bottom four places go to two teams who were at Track Queens and finished fifth and sixth respectively–Helsinki and Gent–and two teams who weren’t–The Royal Windsor Rollergirls and the Lincolnshire Bombers.

If you want to see the bracket in full, then see the inset image, or download a clearer PDF version.

Now, onto the opening day match-ups…

Bout 1: Friday, 9am CEST (8am BST, 3am EDT, Midnight PDT).

#8 Helsinki vs #9 Royal Windsor

Opening the tournament first thing on Friday morning are Helsinki and Royal Windsor.

Helsinki were the break-out team from Track Queens, impressing all with their physical and well-organised play. Since then they’ve lost their captain to London, but are 4-1 on the year with their only loss coming to tournament top seeds Stockholm.

Watch out for Tiina Kimari and Heli Runteli on the track for the All-Star Ninja Turtles–and the familiar face of team Finland’s Suvi Hokkari on their bench.

Windsor have shown promise in 2013 so far. They’ve beaten Paris and bottom seeds Lincolnshire with their only loss being a 221-161 defeat at the hands of London’s Brawl Saints featuring a huge second-half comeback.

The last time these two teams met was in early 2012, and Helsinki finished comfortable 232-83 winners.

Helsinki All-Star Ninja Turtles

7 Fisu // 11 Sue Sideshow // 12 Raivo // 13 Bambi Crushbone // 14 Mimi King // 88 Deadbeat Debbie // 28 Nina Erwes // 96 Linda // 39 Blocking Molly // 100 Laama // 23 Cisse // 94 Tiina Kimari // 142 Tigre Force // 156 Mirkkuli // 257 Witty Vega // 404 Iiris Suominen // 604 Sara Mack-eh? // 666 Leloo Dallas // 730 Anna Miettinen // 8000 Heli Runteli

Royal Windsor

04 Stewart // 5 Stomp ‘Em // 8 Meow You-ow // 11 Marie Melvin // 36 Bartlett // 52 Siouxsie Sutures // 56 Piplash // 67 Laptalis // 89 Tash of the Titans // 91 Cle-blam-O // 101 Kat-a-pult // 121 Mouth // 16 Steflon // 20 Culverhouse // 31 Vix // 70 Trashbag // 83 Hillsdon // 84 Lane // 222 Riley Cyrus // 300 Rambo Blackshanks

Bout 2: Friday 11.15am CEST (10.15am BST, 05.15am EDT, 02.15am PDT)

#7 Gent Go-Go Roller Girls vs #10 Lincolnshire Bombers

Gent ran eventual second-place finishers Berlin very close at Track Queens–and while they finished behind fellow surprise package Helsinki, they were generally seen to have outperformed pre-tournament expectations even more than the Finns.

The Belgian team is missing Australian import and breakout jamming star Dame Edna Haemorrhage–but Double U Jay, Martacus and Pussypit are all particularly worth watching out for on the track.

The Lincolnshire Bombers were one of the UK’s first WFTDA leagues but have only managed one sanctioned game–against tournament ninth seeds Windsor. They’ve never won a full-length game against of the teams at the tournament–but did beat Helsinki by one point in a half hour game at an exhibition event in 2012.

Gent Go Go Roller Girls

5 Elle Shizzle // 06 Pussypit // 07 Double U Jay // 17 Lady Vermassacre // 36 Sandra Buttblock // 44 Olga Volt // 68 Guts ‘n’ Glory // 74 Martacus // 111 Indiana Jony // 911 Tammy Whammy // 4444 Veronica Fever // 9000 So Fearless // 20 Red Hellion // 26 Evil-Spinher // 38 Belliestar // 86 Miss Miyagi // 90 Fallwafal // 101 Moodswing Baby

Lincolnshire Bombers

6 Razzo // 8 Fish // 14 Desmond // 16 Lil Cherry Kick’her // 26 Puke Frywalker // 27 Musthang Sally // 46 Kathital Punishment // 76 Mills // AK-47 Guns // 101 Total Melfunction // 17 Florence The Machine // 19 Kissy // 23 Synyster Motives // 82 Carmen // 97 Kelly Kaos

Bout 3: Friday 1.30pm CEST (12.30pm BST, 9.30am EDT, 6.30am PDT)

#4 Tiger Bay Brawlers vs #5 Crime City Rollers

Wales’ only WFTDA representatives take on Malmo’s Crime City Rollers in bout three. Tiger Bay come into this bout as the highest-ranked team in the European instance of Flat Track Stats, with a big win over Gent under their belts, and having already done this year what no other team in Europe has done: beaten a primary London travel team. Their 204-135 win over London’s Brawl Saints back in February is the only time in over 20 games that Brawl Saints have lost.

Since then Brawl Saints have also beaten Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie–the day after Auld Reekie comfortably put Bear City to the sword, inflicting Berlin’s heaviest European defeat in three years (excluding games against London). This means that many people are tipping them for the tournament crown.

Crime City are no pushovers either, though. They might have finished in the bottom three at Track Queens after a nail-biting game against Leeds Roller Dolls, but they responded to that with a heart-stopping final jam game against #2 seeds Stockholm in February. They might have lost 180-175, they certainly made a point. They’ve won their last three games in 2013 including a 227-151 win over Gent–and that was as many wins as they managed in all of 2012, after a 7-1 2011, so expect to see their upward rise continue.

There are almost too many exciting skaters to recommend you look out for if you tune in to this game–but we will say that Kid Block vs Ankefar is one of the duels we are most looking forward to seeing play out on the track this weekend.

Tiger Bay Brawlers

40oz Kid Block (Captain) // 13 Lola Coaster (Co-captain) // 00 Devaskator // 8 Jolly-Pop // 18 Block Booty // 19 Steph Howarth // 22 Mustang Mitch // 30.5 Aga // 62 Pip // 143 Brock’n Roller // 300 Ava Assassin // 3:16 Thrill Collins // 10 Torrible // 15 Dos Santos // 16 Doris Danger // 32 Boba Fettish // 44 Billie Pistol // 50 Bloxie Blackout // 369 Hello Reeshii // 666 Chant Hell

Crime City Rollers

040 Alotta ‘Aloha’ Riot // 21 Ankefar // X3 Bobicat // 800 Bonnie ‘Bompa’ Clash // 100 Curly Häär // 112 Blondie Deadhead // 925 Evil Eye // 180Km/H Fenix Fortsomfan // 159 JJ Fury // 858 Misse Madskillz // 09 Misty ‘Muffa’ Muffdivah // HK13 Pooky Balboa // 610 Sexual Her Ass-Meant // 85 Fröken Smacky // 2 Sister Stich // 101 Barbara Barfight // 50ft Cut-ya // 3310 Frigg In Furty // 12 Iam // 1337 Tjutet

Bout 4: Friday 3.45pm CEST (2.45pm BST, 09.45am EDT, 06.45am PDT)

#3 Rainy City Roller Girls vs #6 Leeds Roller Dolls

The fourth bout of day one sees Leeds take on Manchester’s Rainy City. Leeds come into this tournament one place higher than they left Track Queens despite some significant roster changes–they’ve lost two of their biggest stars: Team England’s Feral Fairy and team-leading triple threat Lexi Lightspeed.

Leeds have only had one game since Track Queens, and that was a 338-74 reverse at the hands of a London Brawl Saints team fresh from a defeat to Tiger Bay who they narrowly lost out to in 2012. Rainy City are 3-1 for 2011; their one loss came at the hands of tournament top seeds Stockholm. These two teams have played each other twice with one win a piece–but haven’t faced each other since Rainy’s September 2010 win.

Leeds’ vice captain Charisse Chapman (nee Cecee) is definitely the one to watch from the Roller Dolls, while for Rainy City you should keep your eyes peeled for Dee Mise and Missy Rascal.

Rainy City

2 Lipstick Massacre // 3 Carmen Av A Go // 6 Missy Rascal // 012 Sookie Sockem // 30 Cleo Fracture // 38 Fayetal Blonde // 75 Oona Bomber // 138 Vivian Lethal // 1999 Lauren Disorder // L11 Randi Razorlegs // 18 Dee Mise // 21 Salvador Vari // 23 Tash Bandicoot // 187 Katastrophic Kandi // 247 Blissful Destruction // 747 Madd Nuff

Leeds Roller Dolls

22 Skatewell Tart // 96 Charisse Chapman // 303 Bird of Pain // 88 Bruise ‘Em Banshee // 28 Chernobelle // 53 Cyndi Launch’er // 91 Delirium Dive // 42 Fran Grenade // 5 Frantic // 999 Fuzzin Boots // 240V Hydra Electric // 69 Immodesty Graze // 33 Iola Rolla // 45 Livid Doll // 7 Magic 8 Brawl // 74 Mustbang Sally // V05 R.I.P.unzel // 209 Shere Carnage // 12 Temple of Doom // 369 Terror Track Doll

Bout 5: Friday 6p.m. CEST (5p.m. BST, Noon EDT, 9a.m. PDT)

#1 Stockholm Roller Derby vs Winner Bout 1

Stockholm come into the tournament off the back of four straight wins since Track Queens, including a 185-151 win over Bear City and a 233-148 win over 3 seed Rainy City–two of only three teams to beat them during their 10-game 2012 season.

The Swedes are the second-highest ranked team using FTS’ European dataset in this tournament–but this match is unlikely to be a pushover. They beat Helsinki by a 24-point margin in April, so whichever of the Finns or Windsor make it through the 9am play-in game, this match-up should be tight.

Stockholm’s players to watch are the inimitable Swede Hurt in the pack (well, mostly), and Mad Maloony with the star.

Stockholm Roller Derby

00 Polygamy Winehouse // 1 Only // 3 Crackher // 5 Emma Ryssfemma // 20 Juana La Loca // 22 Mad Maloony // 29 Musfällan Mary // 46 Swede Hurt // 715 Red E Kruger // 7 Kimizooka // 8 Becky Lawless // 12 Kat Strator // 50 Bess Irv Cold // 90 Kix De Ville // 300 Sarah Ritch

Bout 6: Friday 8.15pm CEST (7.15pm BST, 2.15pm EDT, 11.15am PDT)

#2 Berlin vs Winner Bout 2

Bear City’s win over DC Rollergirls shortly before Eastern Regionals last year made it look like the Berlin Bombshells were in pole position to be the next big thing out of Europe, but things seem to have gone a little pear-shaped for the Germans since then.

Their second place finish at Track Queens was what was expected from the Berliners, but it wasn’t without scares from Gent and Stockholm on the way–and their final loss to London was by 153 more than when the teams met in the middle of 2012. Since Track Queens they’ve lost to both Stockholm and Auld Reekie–third and fourth place finishers from that tournament.

Still, they’ll be looking to put that behind them and prove that they can challenge for top honours here. If they do go all the way, look for big performances from double threats Master Blaster and Resident Shevil, and Stuttgart transfer Titty Twista.

Berlin Bombshells

12 Paulina Pocket // 22 Donner Doro // 711 Milli Vandally // 244 Great Vengeance // 4 Devilena // 505 Heavy Rotation // 999 Maggie Messer // 481 Titty Twista // 2 Master Blaster // 247 Catherine Beat-Her-Bonez // 28 Resident Shevil // J9 Foxy Führer // 742 Lizzy Slaughter // 16 Kata Pulta // 3 Tequila Knockout // 26 Ethyl Trash // 109 Emmazon // 79 Agent B. Fatale

Lex Talionis

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