Oly Tournament Eligibility in Question

Oly Tournament Eligibility in Question Oly's schedule confirmation, via Twitter.

2009 WFTDA championship winners and perennial finalists the Oly Rollers appear unlikely, at this stage, to qualify for WFTDA’s 2013 playoffs.

WFTDA said today, “Division 1 teams must play at least four sanctioned games between WFTDA Championships and June 30 of the following year in order to qualify for tournaments. At least three of those games must be against other Division 1 teams. At this point in time, the Oly Rollers have not satisfied that requirement, but we won’t be able to determine any team’s tournament eligibility with certainty until the end of June.” The Oly Rollers have confirmed to DNN (see inset) that they only currently have two WFTDA games planned: London this Sunday, and Jet City on Monday.

Those two bouts would see them maintain a ranking for the next 12 months and be in a position to qualify for tournaments in 2014, but would be two division one games short of tournament qualification for 2013. If the Oly Rollers do fail to meet tournament eligibility requirements, then the team ranked 41 in the next WFTDA ranking release would find themselves invited to a Division One playoff tournament. That would in turn mean that the team ranked 61 would be invited to Division 2 playoffs.

Oly’s meteoric rise and unbeaten 2009 season a year and a week after joining the WFTDA was unprecedented. They missed out on retaining the Hydra in 2010 by a single-point after Frida Beater’s last-jam heroics for Rocky Mountain before losing two Championships finals in a row to Gotham by 43 and 103 points–the second game being the team’s biggest ever loss, and their most recent WFTDA sanctioned game.

They are scheduled to play WFTDA sanctioned games against London and Jet City on Sunday June 9 and Monday June 10 respective. This would mean that they would still be ranked through to June 2013–leaving them more than enough leeway to compete in 2014 tournaments should they wish to. If those results go to expectation, then Oly would be unlikely to face a serious ranking drop for those 12 months, despite not participating in tournaments. Upsets or close games, however, could see them drop precipitously.

When asked whether they were planning to participate in this year’s WFTDA playoffs, an Oly representative simply said “WFTDA will be answering all questions on this right now.” In conclusion, WFTDA added: “The Oly Rollers remain in good standing with the WFTDA and are a valued member of our community, regardless of whether they qualify for tournaments this year.”

UPDATE: This story originally contained a link to the tweet from the Oly Rollers confirming their scheduling plans. That tweet was subsequently deleted, and so an image of the conversation has been uploaded in its place.

Lex Talionis

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