Oly Confirms 2013 WFTDA Playoff Absence

Oly Confirms 2013 WFTDA Playoff Absence Oly jammer Onda Sligh at Western Regionals in 2012. Photo: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign

The one-time WFTDA champion and perennial finalist Oly Rollers have confirmed to DNN that they will not be taking part in WFTDA playoffs this year.

Since winning the Hydra a little over a year after entering WFTDA competition, the Oly Rollers have been in each of the succeeding three WFTDA Championship finals. While they will not be taking part this year, the league made it clear to DNN that they remain members in good standing of WFTDA, and may return to full competitive play with the organisation in 2014.

“We made a choice early this season not to skate our four games,” Oly said in a statement confirming that they did not intend to compete in the WFTDA playoffs this year.

“We as a league hope that if or when we return to WFTDA we will be welcomed back with open arms and treated like every other team that skates for truly the love of the sport,” the statement continued. “We wish everyone good luck at [the tournaments], and hopefully we will meet again on the track.”

Speaking about the controversy and speculation around the issue, Oly Rollers captain Sassy told DNN: “It was never Oly against WFTDA, or even the world; It was Oly just being Oly, good bad or ugly. We wanted to skate and that’s what the bottom line is or was… I am sorry for all the stuff that has been said and for Oly never taking the time to set the record straight. We always hoped our skating would speak loud enough.”

This means that the team ranked 41 on July 1 will receive an invitation to division one playoffs, with playoff seeding determined by rankings as confirmed by WFTDA next month excluding ineligible teams. This looks likely to also include the Mid Iowa Rollers (ranked WFTDA 41 on April 30) who have not played any sanctioned games since September of last year; this means that the division two playoffs may well feature the 61st and 62nd ranked teams as per WFTDA’s system, assuming all teams accept offered playoff invitations.

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