ECDX 2013: Montreal Shrugs Off Charm City, 211-168

FEASTERVILLE, PA–When these two teams last met it was Charm who came in heavily favoured, but Montreal who walked out with the victory. This time it was the New Skids on the Block who held the ranking edge over a Charm City–but it was revenge rather than rankings that was on the minds of the team from Baltimore.

Huge fans had been brought in to cool the players on what was a sweltering evening in Feasterville. While it might have reduced the temperature, they didn’t serve to cool any tempers–and the hard-hitting and sometimes bad-tempered circumstances suited Montreal better. The Canadians ended 211-168 winners, and never looked in danger of losing thanks to a run of penalties for Charm City jammers and lateral movement from their own.

IM Pain and Holly Gohardly opened Charm’s account to give them a 10-0 lead. A run of single digit jams followed for both teams–but five minutes later Pain put up what was only the second full scoring pass of the bout and made the lead 19-5.

But a major cut call on Holly let Wench put Montreal’s first full passes on the board in jam 9 and put the Canadians into a 33-19 lead with a 28-0 jam. That was the first of three penalties across two jams for both teams as Mel E Juana and Nuckin Futz visited the box–but it was also the last time Charm led the bout.

The conclusion of that was a 49-32 lead for Montreal half way through the period. A 4-0 for Pain ate into the Montreal lead before Wench took advantage of a low block call on Susy Pow during the Charm jammer’s first trip out with the star to put up 20–then put up another 10 when Pow was swiftly reboxed for a cut on her return.

Once Pow’s penalty expired, what had been a close game looked to be in danger of turning into a rout as Montreal led 93-36. Charm’s experienced trio of Pain, Carol and Holly edged them back into things as Free Radical and Quickshot Kitty brought the Charm packs together and laid heavy hits on the Montreal jamming corps.

But Lil Mama bulldozed Montreal into a 118-64 lead after a long scoreless run for the Canadians was brought to an end by a box trip for Holly Gohardly. Two quickfire low-scoring jams concluded the half, and Montreal held a commanding 121-65 lead, built almost entirely on points earned with Charm jammers seated in the penalty box.

Two jams into the second half, Juana slammed into the back of Pain as she tried to steal points after losing out on the lead call. She was boxed between jams and Futz put up a 19-0 next time out despite struggling with Surgical Strike in the Montreal pack.

But Iron Wench swiftly restored order thanks to a 4-1 pack advantage in one jam and a demolition job by Lil Mama and Chasing Amy on Futz in another. Those jams made it 156-85 in Montreal’s favour with 20 minutes to go.

Montreal’s jammers continued to exploit Charm’s loose packs and stretch their flat walls to breaking point with nudges, hops and the occasional well-timed shove. IM Pain did eat into the lead a little after Juana found herself at the bottom of a heap of black and yellow blockers and on the wrong end of a low block call–but with only two blockers on the track who were both in the queue for the box the good work she could do was seriously hampered.

A low block on Holly Gohardly at the whistles in jam 14 gave crowd favourite Lil Mama another chance to extend the lead, which she duly did. The lead was 199-112 when Mama was boxed on a cut; the jam ended without Holly scoring, and Montreal hit 200 as Mama’s final point went up on the board.

A 24-0 jam for IM Pain followed as O’Chit and Battery Operated laid the hits on Lil Mama after she was released from the box. A few punishing jams later and the bout looked to be out of Charm’s reach before a high block call on Demanda Lashing let Pain in for another powerjam. But Jess Bandit and Cheese Grater repeatedly recycled the Charm workhorse and meant the New Skids led 211-148 with under two minutes left on the clock. A backblock call on Lashing as she came out in the next jam let Futz reduce the deficit to less than 50 points for the first time since the opening jams of the half.

A 43-0 jam was needed from IM Pain to force overtime–but the jam ended scoreless after Iron Wench got lead, and Montreal finished 211-168 winners.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.