ECDX 2013: Texies Bust Belles, 316-86

FEASTERVILLE, PA–Texas Rollergirls’ ruthless dismantling at the hands of Gotham Girls on Friday night left the Texecutioners with something to prove against the Liberty Belles. Prove it they indubitably did–they dominated from start to finish, and ended up 316-86 winners.

Despite a rapid lead call for Philly’s VanEssa Sites (nee V-Diva), it was Hauss the Boss who put up the game’s first points after Sites had a cut assessed against her on her scoring pass. On returning from the box, Sites completed that pass and got another in before the clock expired–but 28 points for Hauss in the jam gave Texas an early lead.

A quick 4-0 for Olivia Shootin John extended the margin before Sites shurugged off a 4-2 pack disadvantage to put up a 4-0 of her own. A run of lead calls for Philly didn’t turn into points, and OSJ punished the Liberty Belle’s profligacy in jam 8 to make it 49-17 as Devoida Mercy struggled to maintain the run. That theme continued as Philly’s jammers broke through for lead despite light packs, but consistently lost points with late call offs and sharp jamming from the Texecutioners.

Texas’ lead jam calls consistently returned points until Smarty Pants hit the box and Clam Jammer sent the home crowd into rapturous applause as she halved the deficit and made it 64-40, juking through gaps and spinning off Texas shoulders.

A crowd-displeasing back block call on Shenita Stretcher was followed by a much less controversial cut call in the next jam–but Teflon Donna’s fierce hitting forced an early call off from OSJ and Sites’ blocks on Smarty Pants forced another without the gap being seriously extended. But Polly Gone’s blocking on Shenita finally let Texas add more to their lead and make it 99-40 with ten left in the period.

Clam Jammer looked to be racking up points for Philly as Sites and Ginger Vitis held a tiring OSJ before a cut was forced by Sarah Hipel (nee Killbox). That tag team held OSJ for much of that penalty too, limiting her to 10 points across the duration of the power jam.

A backblock call on Sites with minutes left in the period let Hauss pull the bout out of Philly’s reach as the Belles just couldn’t keep enough blockers on the track to slow her progress. She stretched Texas’ lead to 100, although the margin narrowed slightly as Sites added a few points upon returning from the box, leaving the score at 152-57 in Texas’ favour. Antidote closed out the half with a 4-2 win over OSJ to leave Philly with a 93-point hole from which to climb in the second half.

Three lead calls for Philly at the start of the second period only returned five points before a cut was assessed on Clam as Bloody Mary took a rare turn with the star for the Texecutioners. Shenita and Tef did their best to hold her–but she’d already put up 24 when Clam was reboxed on another cut shortly before the jam expired.

Hauss finished off the powerjam and made the Texas lead 203-66 and what was merely an unthinkable task for Philly turned into an impossible one. They continued to haemmorhage points even when they did manage to get lead calls, thanks to the number of pack penalties they were racking up.

A backblock call on Bloody Mary with the lead at 159 gave the home support in the crowd something to cheer about–but Antidote backblocked her way to the box 30 seconds into her initial pass against a full Texas pack. Bloody took Texas past 250 and Hipel made the lead 200 after another cut sent Antidote back to the box.

A major cut on Hauss was forced by Castro in the closing minutes, but a full Texas pack limited Philly to five points on the powerjam. Sites took out OSJ two jams later and was sent to the box for a low block as their legs tangled on the way down. That let OSJ make it 312-86, and Bloody duly closed out the bout with Texas winning 316-86.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.