UPDATE: 2014 World Cup rules detailed; Mercy rule TKOed?

Blood & Thunder today announced that the 2014 World Cup will be played under a modified version of the WFTDA ruleset. These changes are being made “in the interest of reducing the impact of penalties on the outcome” and “facilitating the maximum amount of track time for visiting skaters”, according to the organisers.

While the penalties listed under the WFTDA ruleset remain unchanged, their enforcement is being tweaked for the tournament. All penalty times will be reduced to 30 seconds, while jammer penalties will end either after 30 seconds, when the opposing jammer completes their first scoring pass after the penalised jammer has reported to the box or–as in the current ruleset–when the opposing jammer is seated in the penalty box. Players will still foul out after seven trips to the box.

Substitutions from teams’ rosters of 20 into their game line-up of 14 will also be permitted throughout the bout. Any active player may be replaced at any time-out or at half-time, but they may not return to play in that bout. The new player will inherit the departing player’s penalty count. Players who have been expelled or fouled out may not be substituted.

Finally, a mercy rule is being implemented. If a team is leading by 100 points with 20 minutes remaining, the leading team will be awarded a “technical knock-out”. Blood & Thunder have said that this rule will not apply in the championship bout, but will in all preceding rounds.

UPDATE: Blood & Thunder have issued an update via their Facebook page. The fate of the proposed regulation change for ending bouts early in the event of a large lead, now rests with the participating teams. The update also goes into some detail as to the reasoning behind the changes. You can read it in full here.

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Full Blood & Thunder Statement

In the interest of reducing the impact of penalties on the outcome of Blood & Thunder’s 2014 Roller Derby World Cup bouts, as well as facilitating the maximum amount of track time for visiting skaters to challenge each other on the tracks, the following regulations will replace current WFTDA rules where conflicts exist during ALL 2014 Roller Derby World Cup bouts.

Additionally, in order to encourage participation by ALL visiting skaters, 2014 Roller Derby World Cup teams will be allowed to substitute skaters from their charter of twenty during each of their bouts according to the regulations below.

1. All penalties will be reduced to a maximum of 30 seconds vs. 60 seconds.

2. A penalized jammer will be released from the penalty box as soon as either: a) the jammer remaining on the track scores a complete pass; or, b) 30 seconds have elapsed since the penalized jammer took her seat in the penalty box.

For clarification purposes, the complete regulation shall read: “The penalized Jammer’s penalty time will end when the opposing Jammer completes a full scoring pass. If the opposing Jammer has already entered the pack when the penalized Jammer begins her time in the penalty box, the penalized jammer will not be released until the on-track Jammer completes her subsequent scoring pass. If the penalized Jammer begins her time in the penalty box before the on-track Jammer has entered the pack, the completion of the on-track Jammer’s current scoring pass will release the penalized Jammer.”

3. Substitutions are allowed during all time-outs or at the half. Skaters substituting out may only return for subsequent bouts. Skaters substituting in shall inherit the penalties charged to the skaters they are being substituted for. *Each skater ejection will reduce the number of skaters on a team’s bench by one skater. Eg: After the initial ejection of a single skater, the team who’s skater was ejected will be allowed no more than 13 skaters for the remainder of the bout.

4. Since “power jams” will have less impact on bout scores, a team which finds itself 100 points ahead of its opponent with 20 minutes or less left to play will be awarded a “technical knock-out” victory. This regulation will not be applied to the Championship bout.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.