D2DM: Duke City Demolishes Tallahassee, 274-94

D2DM: Duke City Demolishes Tallahassee, 274-94 Photo Credit: Jenni Davidson/Kit Ruff

DES MOINES, IA–Despite penalty trouble on both sides (albeit not to the level of some games this weekend), Duke City put up a commanding 274-94 win over Tallahassee thanks largely to strong defensive play which consistently held the team in orange to single-digit scores on power jams, while Duke City routinely put up 15-20 point margins on their own power jams.

Blocker penalty trouble for Tallahassee in the opening minutes of the match saw Duke City pick up a string of lead jammer calls and open up a 23-2 lead with 5 minutes gone. At that point, La Voodoo committed a low block while wearing the Tallahassee star, handing Led Zyppin a power jam; she added 14-0 and called off the jam with La Voodoo still in the penalty box. Max the Arctic Blast added 9 of her own as Voodoo struggled with the Duke defense upon her return to play. With 20 minutes left in the period, Duke held a 46-2 lead.

The next jam went 0-0 but then Titanium Whip picked up a much-needed lead jammer status for Tallahassee–and added 4-0. Tally held a 2-1 pack advantage next time out but soon found themselves at a greater disadvantage after OMG Bekhi cut her way to the box. Not long after, though, Led Zyppin landed in the box herself for a forearm, freeing Bekhi. That jam brought it to Duke 60, Tallahassee 20, with 15 minutes on the clock.

A few jams later, Meep Meep went to jammer defense and forced La Voodoo out of bounds–then skated backwards halfway around the track as La Voodoo waited on the sidelines before skating anti-clockwise to come in behind Meep Meep. The time burnt returned Duke’s blockers from the penalty box and ultimately allowed Meep Meep to pick up lead jammer status despite a now 3-4 pack disadvantage. 7 minutes remained in the period as Duke’s lead hit 72-31.

A power jam for Tallahassee then let Sox Populi pick up lead jammer status–but she was still struggling with Duke’s front wall on her first scoring pass when the Duke jammer returned to play a minute into the jam; that limited the damage to 5-0. Duke added 5-0 of their own in the next jam–and then it was another power jam for Duke after the Tally jammer cut her way to the box mere seconds after the jam starting whistle. Meep Meep ran for 15 before Wargasm’s penalty expired and a further 9 before calling off the jam, bringing it to 101-36 with 2 minutes left in the half.

Following a pair of quick 4-0 jams for Duke, Tallahassee’s Titanium Whip picked up lead jammer status after the period clock expired and was going for points–but stifled by Duke’s defense, she attempted to call off the jam only to be sent to the penalty box. Max the Arctic Blast took advantage of a 4-2 pack advantage to run for 25, more than countering Whip’s pre-penalty 3. That gave Duke a 134-39 lead going into halftime.

Duke opened the second period with a 12-2 run across two jams but at that point found themselves in penalty trouble–regular jammer HBomb had picked up a two-minute penalty as a blocker for hitting after the whistle and then insubordination, and was joined in the penalty box by Killer Queen. The 4-2 Tallahassee pack advantage let them add 8 points to close the gap a little, 150-49 with 24 minutes left in the game.

Wargasm followed that up with another lead jammer call but the jam went 4-all as Sw-aaronmarie was hot on her heels. The next jam out was a power jam for Duke and Led Zyppin ran for points over a 4-2 pack advantage, bringing it to Duke 173, Tallahassee 53.

Tallahassee were held scoreless over the next five minutes as Duke pushed past the double-century with the help of a series of natural grand slams for HBomb. But then it was Tallahassee’s turn for a power jam as Sw-aaronmarie landed in the penalty box–that let La Voodoo add 7 for the team in orange to bring it to 221-60 Duke with 15 minutes to play, before OMG Bekhi added 4 of her own to make it 221-64.

Meep Meep played heavy jammer defense on her Tallahassee counterpart, seemingly to burn penalty time for her blockers–but called the jam off for 0-0 with Duke still at a 4-2 pack disadvantage. Titanium Whip used that pack advantage to pick up lead jammer status over HBomb as Duke’s pack dwindled to a single skater and called it off from the floor for 4-0. The points in the next jam reflected the skaters on the track: a 4-2 advantage for Tallahasse both on the scoreboard and the floor. With 10 minutes left, Duke led 225-70.

Sox Populi picked up a track cut shortly thereafter to let HBomb stretch Duke’s lead to 252-70 with 6 on the clock. Led Zyppin earnt lead jammer status over a rare full pack–and then got another power jam as the Tallassee jammer cut her way to the box. She added 15 before calling it off with Titanium Whip still in the penalty box.

An official time out stopped the clock with 5 minutes to play as the officials gathered to confirm the score; when play resumed, Max used her briefly unopposed status and 4-3 pack advantage to pick up lead jammer status. At the close of the jam, just over 4 minutes were left on the clock and Tallahassee trailed 267-70.

The rest of the game saw continued penalty trouble in the pack for both sides–and a critical low block penalty for Duke jammer HBomb with 2 minutes left. Duke City appealed the call but it stood, giving Tallahassee’s Moxie Knockout a power jam. Despite a 3-2 pack disadvantage, she put up 10 points in the first 30 seconds of the jam–although the third scoring pass took a little longer. That narrowed the margin to 274-94.

The next, and ultimately final, jam was stopped for injury with 3 seconds remaining as Courtney Smash lay on the floor–she left the track on one skate with EMT assistance, but with less than 30 seconds remaining on the period clock, that was the end of the game and the final score stood at 274-94 in Duke City’s favour. Tallahassee go on to face DC for 9th tomorrow, while Duke will meet Brewcity.