D2DM 5th Place: Dallas Pumps Brewcity, 237-207

D2DM 5th Place: Dallas Pumps Brewcity, 237-207 Photo Credit: Jenni Davidson/Kit Ruff

DES MOINES, IA–The number two-seeded Brewcity came into the fifth place game looking to salvage some pride, while nine-seeded Dallas came in having already beaten their initial seeding, and looking to boost their ranking even further and make a case for Division 1 inclusion next year. In a game of multiple lead changes it looked like it could be anybody’s for almost the entire bout–but a decent run in the last few minutes took the game just out of Brewcity’s reach and Dallas triumphed 237-207.

It was ten jams into the game before the lead stopped changing on almost every pass. While Brewcity jumped out into the first double-digit lead of the bout, they then gave up consecutive powerjams to slip into a 20-point hole of their own.

But once the power jam genie had been let out of the bottle, it refused to go back in. After the first ten minutes saw no jammers boxed, the next 20 seemed to be played entirely with only one jammer on the track. With both jammers out there for the final few minutes of the half the play was characterised by strung-out packs and high speeds as Brewcity fought back against their power jam damage, leaving Dallas leading 95-90 at the half.

Top Jammers

Skater: Jams / Lead / Points


ChewBeca The Wrecka: 11 / 3 / 72
Scooter: 14 / 4 / 62
ChaZaam: 11 / 4 / 40
Skittle: 10 / 10 / 33


Anita Riot: 16 / 7 / 76
Rhinestone Callgirl: 9 / 2 / 48
Weapon X: 12 / 5 / 46
Mona Bruis’R: 4 / 1 / 25
Brandi Danger: 2 / 1 / 24

Full stats courtesy of WFTDA.

Scooter wasted no time in the second half making it a one-point game inside the first minute, and inside the second Skittle had put up the points Brewcity needed for a lead change; they then led 98-95. Consecutive 4-0 jams were followed by jammer musical chairs and a 16-all two-minute jam.

High speeds and attempted big hits characterised the next few jams as the lead hovered around ten points until Dallas took a one-point lead that looked like it was going to last seconds–but she got whistled off on a forearm call within millimetres of restoring the lead.

That let Rhinestone Callgirl in to stretch the lead–but it was back within a single point two jams later as Dallas froze the clock at 13:25 with a team time-out. Scooter showed some lovely footwork to put up nine–but then back blocked her way to the box to see that lead evaporate as Mona Bruis’r skated laps. Dallas then led 180-173.

Weapon X made the lead 12 before Scooter was free–and 25 when Scooter was re-boxed making her initial pass. At that point Brewcity’s eagerness for a win started to seriously count against them as the penalty count racked up as desperation seemed to creep into their game … and with five minutes left, the Dallas lead was 50.

In the final minutes Scooter had another chance on the powerjam for a final dash to an improbable comeback– but Mona Bruis’r was having none of it in the Dallas pack.

The Dallas lead was 37 inside the final two minutes, and when it took Skittle 30 seconds to get lead, the bout was effectively done, even with Anita Riot stuck.

One more jam was forced–but Weapon X got lead within seconds, and Dallas took the win 237-207.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.