D2DM: Brewcity Downs Duke City, 262-189

DES MOINES, IA–This last bout of Saturday night appeared closely matched through the first half, with the lead barely reaching double digits–but a couple of big power jams for Brewcity in the second period secured them the win, and a meeting with Dallas tomorrow for 5th place at the first WFTDA Division 2 playoffs.

The game opened with the teams trading low-scoring jams and, following the pattern of the weekend thus far, pack penalty trouble as both sides frequently found themselves fielding just a pair of blockers. With eight minutes and seven jams gone, Brewcity held a 16-15 lead over Duke City, with every point accrued in single- or partial-pass jams.

Two minutes later, Latina Heat prompted the first power jam of the game after a track cut on her initial pass; Led Zyppin turned that opportunity into a lead change, putting up 15-0 to make it 30-20 in Duke’s favour.

From there, though, it was back to single-pass jams–Duke City extended their margin by just a single point as the scoreboard slowly climbed to 38-27 with 13 minutes left to play. Meep Meep handed Brewcity’s Scooter a power jam after a track cut–she took the lead for the black and gold with a 14-0 run before calling the jam from her knees as Meep Meep returned to play.

The margin stayed within a handful of points over the next five minutes but then it was Duke’s turn for a power jam; HBomb took the star and the lead, adding 15 points before Scooter returned to play. With six minutes in the half, Duke City led 62-51.

An official time out stopped the clock and in the following jam, Led Zyppin got another power jam for Duke City as Scooter again headed to the box. Despite a 4-2 pack disadvantage, Zyppin stretched her team’s lead to 80-58 with just under 4 minutes left to play.

The two teams traded jammer penalties over the final two jams of the half–first Brewcity, then Duke City, then Brewcity again–to close out the first period and at the half, Duke City held a 99-72 lead.

Play resumed with Brewcity’s Latina Heat on a power jam; working with a 3-2 pack advantage, she brought her team within 10 points before Max the Arctic Blast returned to play–and within 5 before the jam ended, 101-96 in Duke’s favour.

The next two jams went 3-2 for Brewcity but they had a big opportunity when Led Zyppin cut her way to the box; even a 4-2 pack advantage didn’t help Duke City to slow Scooter’s scoring as she effected a lead change at Brew City 113, Duke City 103 with 23 minutes left in the game.

Next time out, Brewcity’s defense stifled Led Zyppin as Scooter established the largest lead of the game at 132-107–and Duke lost a blocker from their already-short roster as Death Ro fouled out.

An injury timeout stopped the clock with right on 20 minutes to play after Brewcity’s Grace Killy hit the deck–she left the track in a wheelchair with one leg supported by an EMT. A late-game announcer update indicated an ankle injury and that Killy was en route to the hospital for further evaluation.

Brewcity broke the game open when Max the Arctic Blast was assessed a misconduct penalty and ChewBeca the Wrecka used an up-to 4-1 pack advantage to bring it to 180-115 with 16 minutes to play. The momentum didn’t last, though, as Scooter was hit across the apex for a forced track cut; Meep Meep added 18-9 to make it 133 Duke, 189 Brewcity.

It was then Brewcity’s turn for a power jam after Zyppin committed a back block–Sharkira pushed the team in black past the double century at 205-135 with 10 minutes to go. Zyppin returned to play only to pick up a pair of penalties–one for a cut and a second minute for insubordination–as the jam ended; Scooter turned that into a 30-0 run to make it 235-137 with 7:30 to play.

A power jam for Duke City let Max the Arctic Blast pull it to 239-162 as Brewcity’s Shazam fouled out after picking up three penalties in a single jam, including one for insubordination. The last few minutes were reminiscent of the first few with the teams trading single-pass jams and at the final whistle, Brew City had secured their place in the 5th-place match with a 262-189 win. They’ll face Dallas while Duke City next meet Omaha in tomorrow’s 7th-place game.