D2DM: Dallas Denies Omaha, 228-187

D2DM: Dallas Denies Omaha, 228-187 Photo Credit: Jenni Davidson/Kit Ruff

DES MOINES, IA–The penultimate game of the second day of the inaugural WFTDA Division 2 tournaments looked to be going Omaha’s way as Dallas had a first half littered with penalties, reminiscent of some of their ill-disciplined play earlier in the weekend. But Dallas stole the lead just before the half and never relinquished it as they cleaned up their act to take the win 228-187.

Jam 8 saw Dallas’ first points and lead call of the bout as their penalty problems reared their head from the get-go: at that point nine minutes had passed and Omaha led 34-4.

Two jams later Anita Riot began to make amends for Dallas’ poor start with a 20-0 powerjam against Mae Kit Rain. Mikillya limited the damage in that jam before Daisy Mayhem forced a cut on Weapon X next time out before Rain was released to ensure Omaha could continue their push.

A backblock call on Rady Ruck gave Rhinestone Callgirl a chance to close the gap some more. Daisy Mayhem stretched the initial pass out, ably assisted by Molly Massacre off the line–but could do nothing about the subsequent passes once Callgirl had built up some speed. That made it a one-point game with Omaha leading 48-47.

But Dallas couldn’t keep enough skaters on the track to effect a lead change; while they could match Omaha point for point with a full complement of blockers, they were hobbled by what seemed to be a near-constant 4-2 pack disadvantage.

Rady Ruck got Omaha’s first cutting penalty inside the final two minutes and Weapon X put up a 14-0–giving Dallas a 91-89 lead at the half.

Brandi Danger held up Mae Kit Rain for a full minute of the opening jam of the second period–but just as Rain got free courtesy of a penalty to Brandi, she got a back block of her own. When that power jam was done, Dallas found themselves with a 115-89 lead.

Once Dallas had the lead, their penalties seemed to evaporate and Omaha found themselves at a pack disadvantage more often than not, and the lead grew to 35. The lead stretched past 50 as pack and subsequently jammer penalties hampered Omaha.

As the bout entered its final ten minutes Dallas showed signs of their self-destructive tendencies as they gave up back-to-back powerjams and had blockers queuing for the box and their comfortable lead started to look very tenuous.

But a big jam for Postal Penny inside the final five minutes as Rain was held by Kimical Addiction and Juice Box. Penny ran the clock at the end of the jam after securing the jam win–and that left Dallas with a 224-172 lead with two minutes remaining.

A cut track penalty with 5 seconds remaining on Weapon X–but even though Omaha forced another jam, Rady Ruck could only put up nine points and Dallas escaped with a 228-187 win.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.