D2K: Paper Valley Smothers Burning River, 163-144

D2K: Paper Valley Smothers Burning River, 163-144 Photo Credit: Mark Nockleby

KALAMAZOO, MI–Fighting for the right to play for fifth were Cleveland’s Burning River and Appleton’s Paper Valley. The Wisconsin team led for all but the opening jams and a three-jam stretch in the second period that saw four lead changes–and they took the win 163-144.

Almost three minutes of the bout had gone before the first points went up in jam four courtesy of a Cupquake grand slam for Burning River.

But the first points were swiftly followed by the first jammer penalty. A multiplayer block was assessed on Maulibu Barbie as she hopped through the pack.

Barbie came straight out of the box and leapt over the apex with a huge jump and one-foot landing for her initial pass–but then backblocked her way to the box on her scoring pass. Burning River’s Sugalumps (late of Madison) shut down Chop Stickya to force a call–but Kat Von Devious came out with some penalty time remaining next time to give Paper Valley an early 24-9 lead.

Five points and a couple of jams later Sugalumps was again the centre of attention when she was boxed on a major forearm–and was given a warning by the head referee when it was decided that her forearm use was egregious, but not worthy of expulsion. Paper Valley pushed their lead up over the next few jams before Pissy Pistol hit the box and Mae Burnya cut the lead to six.

But Pistol got lead coming out of the box as she sped through unnoticed. T-Wrecks and T-Racer traded power jams as Paper Valley extended their lead. West Nel Virus and West Nel Virus held up Chop as Maulibu cut 13 points out of the lead. But Pistol restored the 20-point margin as T-Wrecks struggled with Amanda Spank–and she went on to make it nearly 30 at 77-48 with the clock stopped at 3:24, frozen by a Burning River timeout.

That timeout did the job for Brining River who finished the half on a 17-0 run–but Paper Valley still led at the half, 77-65.

Paper Valley just got the better of the opening exchanges in the second period–but Burning River nickle-and-dimed that gap to within 2 before T-Wrecks gave them their first lead since jam five, 83-81. Kat Von Devious flipped that lead next jam before Maul-ibu returned the favour. A backblock call on T-Racer let …oooh SHINEE build up Burning River’s first double-digit lead of the bout after she was passed the star by LuLu.

A jammer do-si-do briefly restored the Paper Valley lead courtesy of 14 Chop points as T-Wrecks watched and finished in the box. It was Maul-ibu who again cut that lead. But a run of 4-0 jams followed as Paper Valley ran through their rotation. Cupquake was boxed and swiftly released and sealed her initial pass with a bix apex jump–but had real trouble on her scoring pass, only putting up five. Paper Valley held Burning River at arm’s length with teams trading hit-and-quit jams. A track cut on Cupquake as she tried to call another 4-0 jam with 3:30 left let Pistol practically end the contest: Paper Valley then held a 151-117 lead with under two minutes to go.

A 4-0 for Maul-ibu was followed by a full two-minuter for that same Burning River jammer–but her pack couldn’t get the job done. The bout ended 163-144, and it’s Paper Valley who progress to play for fifth place tomorrow.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.