D2K: Tri-City Marches Over Carolina, 247-131

KALAMAZOO, MI–Tri-City easily handled Carolina to put up a 247-131 victory and claim a place in tomorrow’s 5th-place game. Working without core jammer Sheeza Freak, fallen to a knee injury early in the first half, Carolina struggled to defend the Tri-City attack as the Kitchener team ran up big points despite frequent pack disadvantages.

Carolina drew first blood but four minutes in, the score was tied at 9-all–but Tri-City came off the better in paired power jams, doubling up Carolina at 28-14 with 22 minutes to play.

Another set of power jams followed five minutes later when the Tri-City jammer hit the box, followed quickly thereafter by Carolina’s Caddy Compton, who’d been forced into a cut. Both skaters returned to play in short order but Caddy was quickly returned to the box, leaving the score at 66 Tri-City, 27 Carolina halfway through the period.

Seven minutes later, Tri-City had held Carolina scoreless while running up their own tally to 91–and then picked up a power jam which let them push past the century mark, despite a Carolina pack advantage.

When Carolina’s defense gelled, though, they were highly effective, pinning Praying Man Tease down in the pack as Katie Clysmic racked up multiple natural grand slams to make it 103-41 in Tri-City’s favour with just under five minutes left in the half.

Rain Blows Brite forced a track cut on Katie Clysmic as she attempted to call off the jam after the period clock expired. Katie returned to play before the jam time ran out, but by that point Freudian Whip had pushed Tri-City’s lead to 144-52 going into halftime.

The first ten minutes of the second half offered more of the same–Tri-City had ongoing blocker penalty trouble, but Carolina weren’t able to transform pack advantages into points on the scoreboard consistently.

They could turn it into effective power jam defense, though. With 19 minutes on the clock, MC Fyte recycled Freudian Whip back a full half-lap and then worked with her fellow blockers to hold her to a single pass before Caddy Compton returned to play. Having achieved that, they forced a cut on Whip, setting up a power jam of their own.

Ginger Clobber turned that into 15 points before Whip returned to play and added one more pass after that, making it 198-94 in Tri-City’s favour with 16:30 to play.

With under eight minutes to go and the score standing at 230-111, Carolina called for an official review of a low block call on MC Fyte; Caddy Compton picked up her seventh penalty–a back block–in the same jam and was removed from play during that time-out.

Carolina were able to put together a bit of a run over the next five minutes, putting up a 10-4 run to make it 234-121 before Tri-City called a time-out to stop the clock with 2:19 to play–and by the final whistle, Tri-City had secured a 247-131 win and a slot in the 5th-place game against the victor of Paper Valley / Burning River. Carolina will play for 7th.