D2K 1st: Santa Cruz Gilds Sac City, 230-185

KALAMAZOO, MI–After the hosting team secured third place at the second and final Division 2 playoff, two teams from California faced off for the right to play for the D2 title in Milwaukee in November. The first half featured four lead changes–but Santa Cruz held the lead at the half and took the win 230-185.

While Santa Cruz drew first blood as Corazone beat up Too Short, Sac City effected a lead change at the earliest opportunity. La Lucha then put up points on the powerjam when Dusty Roadz was penalised for a multiplayer block.

But Too Short hit the box and Bettie the Kid restored the lead on the powerjam despite the attentions of Purdy Grrrl as Sac City kit penalty problems. Sac City did chip back into that power jam-assisted lead whenever they matched Santa Cruz’ numbers on the track. La Lucha cut the lead to single digits in jam 12–and Too Short effected the game’s third lead change as she made the score 62-60 with almost 20 minutes gone.

A sharp last-ditch hipcheck to the outside from Purdy on Queen Litigious kept the lead intact for a jam. Corazone then demolished La Lucha sending her spinning across the ref line into the suicide seating–but the hit was for nought when Pippi Hard Socking was boxed with the star and Cora swiftly followed.

With Cora gone and a powerjam, La Lucha could have added considerably to the lead, but didn’t after Foxee Firestorm forced a cut with a massive clockwise hit; Firestorm ended up in the box for her trouble, but surely felt vindicated when she saw Lucha follow her.

Too Short got recycled and floored as Litigious pushed Santa Cruz into a two-point lead. La Lucha then had a track cut forced on her by Liv N. Letdie before the pivot line

Shamrock N. Roller forced a cut on Quick-Fire as Pippi pushed Santa Cruz to 99 before a low block sent her chest-first into the track. That caused the jam to be whistled dead as EMTs attended. She returned to her bench under her own power after a minute or two and was cheered by a final five points going up on the board–and that ended the first period with Santa Cruz leading 104-76.

The opening few minutes of the half were a wash before Too Short was boxed for contact after the whistles–but Dusty Roadz got boxed on a high block that caused the third EMT visit of the bout.

Khan Artist and Purdy controlled Roadz when she came out of the box as Short undid the damage Dusty had laid on before being boxed. Two cuts for Quick-Fire in quick succession followed as penalties really started to bite the chasing Sac City team, and the lead was 55.

Hell Louise joined Liv in battering Short as 14 more were added to the lead by Litigious. That let Santa Cruz switch to a more conservative mode and focus on maintaining that gap rather than extending it. A low block on Pippi inside the final seven minutes let Short throw up a multiple grand slams to almost halve the gap in a single blow with Santa Cruz blockers queueing for the box.

Four more Sac City points rounded out the powerjam. Roadz picked up a cut seconds into the next jam and La Lucha had a chance to almost erase the lead–but on her first scoring pass she got a major low block, and the game was done.

The final two minutes played out without incident, and Santa Cruz won 230-185.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.