D1FW: (3) Arch Rival Overpowers (9) Bleeding Heartland, 347-121

FORT WAYNE, IN — In Saturday’s second consolation game, 3 seed Arch Rival hit 9 seed Bleeding Heartland with a 347-121 blowout that seemed a little more closely matched than the score implied. The story of the game was repeated huge power jams for Arch Rival completely unbalancing a contest that was nearly even when both teams had jammers on the track. Arch Rival scored well over 200 points during Bleeding Heartland’s 8 jammer penalties, accounting for almost the entirety of their 226-point margin of victory.

Bleeding Heartland’s raucous fan base was out in force and pleased to see a strong first jam for their team, as Kaka Caliente pulled lead and 9-0 to kick off the game. They’d add 3-0 on the followup before Arch Rival’s Brickyard got her team on the board with a 4-0 to make it 12-4 Bleeding Heartland early.

That marked the beginning of a streak of 5 lead jammer calls in a row for Arch Rival — during the third, Bleeding Heartland got in a nightmare situation when they lost 4 players, including their jammer, to the box. That left Shock and Roll as the lone blocker on the floor trying to hold back Mighty Mighty Boston, and it went 30-0 to Arch Rival, putting them in front for the first time at 37-14.

Penalty woes continued for Bleeding Heartland in the next frame, allowing South City Shiner to pick up 24-0 with some nice offensive help from Mayor Francis Slayer. That one ended with BHRG Kaka Caliente jammer in the box, setting up another huge jam for Arch; Brickyard threw another 22 points on the pile before being boxed herself. When it was all over, Bleeding Heartland was suddenly in a 82-19 hole with 18:17 showing on the first-half clock. Arch Rival managed to get the first successful official review of the weekend there, though, challenging Brickyard’s penalty and getting it overturned.

Bleeding Heartland’s Nuck L. Sammie finally broke Arch’s streak of lead jammer calls, but came away with no points as Smarty McFly passed her away from the pack. Following that, things went south for BHRG again as they lost jammer Kaka Caliente to the box; over that jam and the next, Arch Rival went over the triple digit mark at 101-19 with only about 15 minutes gone in the game. When Aceta Menacin’ hit the box as BHRG jammer in the next frame, the point margin also jumped to triple digits, with Arch Rival up 129-24 just 18 minutes into the game.

While Bleeding Heartland kept it closer and had some strong jams — including a 19-0 power jam to Nuck L. Sammie — in the final 12 minutes of the half, they continued to lose ground and ended the half in a 166-50 hole.

In the first few jams after the break, Bleeding Heartland came out looking like they might still make of a game of it. Big defense from Bobbi McGuillotine, Shock and Roll and Bombshell Shock powered a 33-8 rally over the first three jams of the half, getting the margin back to double digits at 174-83 and inspiring Arch Rival to call their first timeout at 23:30.

With the score 181-83 two jams later, there was an injury stoppage as BHRG’s ace blocker Shock N Roll went down in a early-jam pileup and didn’t move for a little while, but she was able to get off the track under her own power after about a minute.

But the next few frames turned out to be the real bad news for Bleeding Heartland. Aceta Menacin’ committed their 6th jammer penalty of the game; Mighty Mighty Boston dropped 30-0 and South City Shiner added 2-1 on the other side. On the following jam, BHRG picked up jammer penalty #7 and Brickyard smashed the scoreboard with a tremendous 43-0 jam. That made the score 256-84 Arch Rival with 15:30 to play.

That sequence pretty much erased any chance of a miracle comeback and seemed to take the wind out of the underdogs; by the time the clock hit 10 minutes to play, Arch Rival’s lead had grown to 200 points at 288-88. Fittingly, the majority of the last three jams of the game were lopsided power jams; 25-0 to Arch Rival followed by 19-0 and 10-0 to Bleeding Heartland. When it was all over, Arch Rival took the win 347-121.

Arch Rival continues their quest for 5th place with a game against Wasatch at 8pm tonight; Bleeding Heartland will head to the 9th place game at 10am Sunday morning against Grand Raggidy.