D1FW: (5) Rose Shears (8) Cincinnati, 414-116

D1FW: (5) Rose Shears (8) Cincinnati, 414-116 Photo: Dave Wood

FORT WAYNE, IN–Rose City and Cincinnati came into the 6p.m. game to fight for a place in the fifth place game. Rose duly delivered; a 109-point opening salvo killed Cinci off before they ever got going, and 68 Scald Eagle points in the final two minutes just served to add insult to injury. Scald ended up with 204 of Rose’s points in a 414-116 victory that saw the Wheels of Justice lose two players to injury.

Jam four saw Cincinatti’s first points go up only for them to be removed after they were adjudged to have been incorrectly awarded. A 45-0 jam for Scald Eagle was the highlight of Rose’s opening 109-point run. K-Lethal finally put Cinci’s first true points up with a 6-0 in jam 10, and when Kitten Kicker knocked Mutch Mayhem two jams later K was in for more points to make it 150-22 with 17 minutes gone.

Wheezy made it three scoring jams out of four as the out-of-sorts Licker*N*Split waited for an opening at the back that never came, with Cincinatti continuing their trend of letting jams run when they had lead and trading points. It was Wheezy who put up Cinci’s best jam of the half minutes before it ended with the struggling Licker again her victim–that took Cinci to their points total against Denver and left Cinci 197-50 behind. K-Lethal put up a quick 4-0 in what would have been the last jam of the half had it not been for an official review from Rose City. A hop and a skip in the final jam for Scald Eagle ended the half on a high for Rose–they led 223-54 at half-time.

Lethal and Wheezy got Cinci on the board in the opening jams of the second period too, but still the Rose lead grew. It passed 200 after ten minutes of the second period on the powerjam in a four jammer penalty jam 8 that left Rose leading 285-70. The jammer penalties that have beset Rose all season then reared their head; after 40 clean minutes they gave away four in the space of three jams, and suddenly Cinci’s total passed 100.

With a little over ten minutes to go Rose lost their second skater to injury with Scylla Devourer escorted off by medics under her own power clutching her wrist and joining Licker*N*Split on the DL after her earlier partial shoulder dislocation. Scald restored the 200-point gap next time out–and put the tin lid on things with a 35-0 and a 33-0 jam in the final three minutes to bring her game total to 204.

Rose won 414-116 and progress to the fifth place game at 2p.m. tomorrow; Cinci play for seventh at noon.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.