Preview: Richmond WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

Game 2: Friday, 12:00 PM, 7-seed Tampa (WFTDA #29) vs 10-seed Terminal City (WFTDA #38)

The Tampa / Terminal City match-up may be untested, but the heavy schedule against wide-ranging opposition both teams have had this year make it pretty clear that Tampa are the favourites and that a WFTDA ranking upset, while not out of the question, is certainly unlikely.

If Terminal City’s performance at The Big O is anything to go by, anticipate passive offense, with occasional feinted front wall bust-ups and lone wolf-traps, and the potential for a jammer-penalty heavy bout. Blocker Mackenzie often features as final line of defence. But rumour has it that they’ve changed their blocking style since meeting London in June, shifting instead to favour a similar style to that which defeated them then. The team is well known for their star passes, particularly off the start line, which has befuddled an opponent before.
Jammers to watch are Barbarich, a powerhouse on the track with the strength and footwork to sustain her, and Kim Janna, whose agility and persistence this season promise good things for this playoffs.

Tampa’s brightly patterned tights and inflatable flamingo mascot may be distracting to the eye, but it’s clear that jamming favourites Little A and Lil Bit are worth keeping an eye on, with an equally talented Taz Maniac probably held back for heavier lifting in the second period. If earlier season play is anything to go by, anticipate Tampa persistently edging up scores, and holding solid front walls from the jam whistle with well-placed sneaky assists, seeming not to be paying attention to their jammer until a well-placed hit clears the way.


101 Smooth Operator // 103 Krush Groove // 138 Lily the Kid // 2 PhDiesel // 20 Laryn Kill // 21 Blaque Jac // 212 Lunch Lady // 22 Breezy // 313 Liquor Possi // 365 Lil Bit Breaker // 300000000 Apolo Ana // 50 Ft Rojo Grande // 68 Zoom Boom Pow // 7 Taz Maniac // 78 Bettie Kruger // 9 Alli-Kat Scratch // 90 Little A // 92 Trip Mcneely // 9546 Pupcake // X0 Tic Tac Toni

Terminal City

0 Robinson // 1111 Ingram // 117 Frankowski // 1223 Kim Janna // 13 Richardson // 16 Palmer // 18 MacKenzie // 191 NazDroveya Wylde // 1UP Koh // 31 Eve Hallows // 33 Edgar // 44 luludemon // 45 Barbarich // 47 Scarlett Bloodbath // 52 Evada Perón // 69 Flower Plow’her // 77 Suggitt // 84 Buffy Sainte Fury // MG42 Griffith // T101 Schwarzemegger

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