Preview: Richmond WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

Game 3: Friday, 2:00 PM, 4-seed Philly (#14 WFTDA) vs 5-seed Kansas City (#21 WFTDA)

Philly play a heavy psychological game and with good backing – they have a solid history of Championships attendance and placement, and coming in ranked at #14, they’re likely to be feeling under-estimated by the competition. We hardly need tell you to keep an eye on Shenita Stretcher in the pack for Philly, and the agent of chaos that is very recent pick-up Holden Grudges–previously of Charm City–will be very interesting to watch in whatever remains of her Philly uniform if she takes the track this weekend.

These particular teams last met at the 2010 WFTDA Championships, with Philly taking a solid 21-point differential for their win; with their rankings very different then, expect Philly to plan to make the most of Kansas City’s more significant rankings slide since their 2010 meet.

Kansas City’s history includes being a WFTDA founding member–but their history with playoffs and the WFTDA Champs is checkered, after their 2007 title was followed by a failure to qualify in 2008, and single game appearances in 2009 and 2012. In 2010, they took the South Central title but again left after one game at Champs, making 2011 their best showing prior to the last couple of seasons where it’s felt less like they have flagged in any way than that the overall quality of play has dramatically improved around them.

They have a number of retirements and skater losses, too, to account for changes in play and have long been known for their strong blockers, but whether that can sustain them through this bout is anyone’s guess. While they haven’t been seen in sanctioned play since mid-July, they did lose a game to the newly formed Des Moines team Team United and recently bouted Your Mom, so rather than shaking off rink rust they may well have a few new tricks up their sleeves.


6 Castro // 100 Antidote // 15 Persephone // 18 VanEssa Sites V-Diva // 247 Devoida Mercy // 29 Copper Top // 305 Shenita Stretcher // 313 Emma Nockuout // 327 Savidge Booty // 357 Trixie Trauma // 44 Fully Addomatic // 527 Heavy Flo // 609 HotRod Hussy // 7 Clam Jammer // 85 Teflon Donna // 88 Dawn K Kong // 957 Ginger Vitis // X0X0 Damage Dahl // IH8U Holden Grudges

Kansas City

0 Ivanna Bereave // 10 Enigma // 11 Barbrarian // 111 Annie Maul // 219 Road Hash // 22 Ruth Canal // 24 Bruz-Her // 26 Bella Fire // 34 Case Closed // 411 Ida Know Squat // 47 Shady O’Dread // 5 Trauma // 501 Reptar // 69 Track Rat // 7 Princess Slay-Ya // 79 Mary Lou Wretched // 84 Tuff Noogies // 85 Black Ice // 913 JamaLamaDingDong // W00 Erin No Bragh

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