Preview: Richmond WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

Game 5: Friday, 8:00 PM, 1-seed Angel City (#5 WFTDA) vs winner of Jacksonville / New Hampshire

Anyone who has been following Angel City this season knows the tear they’ve been on and the quality of their gameplay to date. Their stratospheric rise through the rankings to enter as first seed in this playoffs puts them in a great position to advance, though their final-jam stumble against Rat City earlier this season will give Texas and Philly some reason for confidence. Both of those teams also have a long history of Championships attendance, while Angel City has none. Naptown–ranked just above Philly in the WFTDA system–should also not be discounted.

As ever, the odds in this top seed vs 8/9 match-up are tilted very heavily in the favour of the senior team–and now has the added carrot of a big rankings boost for next season to encourage the blowout in a tournament progression game.

Angel City is a team very much united in skill quality, making it hard to pull out stars from the constellation. Years of consistently solid pivot/blocker performances from Jane Wilkins and Duchess Von Damn lead us to anticipate nothing less from them this year, and Washington-arrivals Chinese Cheker and Soledad have proven themselves to be solid hitters. The banked track has provided for this league, as well, with Laci Knight taking on key blocking roles, and Mickispeedia and Cris Dobbins coming on as jammers this year to make up for the off-season loss of Fifi Nomenon to tournament rivals Texas. While not the biggest hitter or flashiest player in the Scarlets squad, we’d commend Rachel Rotten to your attention; she’s a fine pack enabler who really does give many of the more obviously notable players the space they need to work.

Angel City

10 Duchess Von Damn // 101 Ima Blowbya // 1286 Booty Ninja // 1337 Micki Speedia // 16 Chica Go Lightning // 166 Jane Wilkins // 3 Soledad // 316 Chris Dobbins // 33 Laci Knight // 360 Krissy Krash // 507 Rachel Rotten // 5354 Chinese Cheker // 617 Ghetto Fabu-lez // 62 Sarah Lang // 666 Satan’s Little Helper // 8 Breakfast // 94 Octane Jane // 95 Tyra Shanks

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