D1R 5th: KCRW Outruns Jacksonville, 199-171

D1R 5th: KCRW Outruns Jacksonville, 199-171 Photo: Jennifer M. Ramos

RICHMOND, VA–The New Jax City Rollers took on the Kansas City Roller Warrriors All-Stars for fifth place at 2pm on the final day. The 8th seed had picked themselves up from an opening-day shock against a disciplined New Hampshire team, while KCRW had built on a stronger-than-expected showing against the Philly Rollergirl before posting strong wins to take them to the end of the consolation bracket.

After two blowout wins opened the day the crowd was somewhat muted until Jamsterella wriggled through the pack for lead and a two-point pickup against Case Closed in the first jam. The lead lasted two jams before Mary Lou Wretched put up points on the powerjam after a cut from Ms. Jax’em.

Shortely thereafter, with about 23 minutes remaining in the half, Track Rat took a nasty spill between turns 3 and 4, and called the jam. She was slow to get up and went right to the medics clutching her posterior. She spent some time icing it on the bench. Kanses City had expanded their early lead to 20-8 at that point.

That lead didn’t last long as a power jam shared by Jacksonville’s Ms. Jax’em and Jamsterella let them tie it up at 28 all 9 minutes into the game.

Jacksonville was not able to overtake, however. They sent Crash Register to the line for a power start, with Reptar seated in the penalty box. Reptar was sent off for a low block when she returned, but a forearm major for Crash led to a quick jammer swap and a jam to go the full two minutes. Kansas City got the better and regained the lead 47-36.

Kansas City went on a 52 to 4 run after that. A series of small scoring jams, aided by solid pack work and supplemented a 20 point power jam, allowed them to extend their lead to 99 over 40 with 5 minutes remaining in the half.

Jacksonville came alive a bit after that, gaining lead in 4 of the last 5 jams of the half. They didn’t manage to close the gap much, though and sent it to halftime 112-60.

The second half opened to Kansas City expanding their lead a bit while killing clock with short jams. Jacksonville kept fighting but didn’t gain much ground until the 8th jam of the half, when Jamsterella leveraged a power jam and a 2-2 pack for a 32 point power jam, bringing Kansas City’s lead down to a mere 24 points. 126-102, Kansas City with 20:52 left to play.

Jacksonville was gifted another power jam a few jams later, when Track Rat was sent off for a contentious low block. That opportunity was quickly squandered with their own jammer penalty coming in the form of a Ms. Jax’em forearm major.

Jax’em redeemed herself a few jams later when she and Jamsterella put up back-to-back 19 point power jams bringing the score to a mere 2 point Kansas City advantage with just over 13 minutes remaining. That was as close as they got for the rest of the bout, though. Kansas City resumed their gradual expansion of their lead, dragging it out to 174-146.

They leapt ahead when, with 5 minutes left in the game, Jacksonville’s Legs R Us was sent off for a back block on Bruz-her after receiving an unexpected push form a team-mate. Bruz-her was issued a low bock penalty as well as she sprawled after contact. Bruz-her tried to argue and earned a second minute for insubordination. Kansas City’s bench tried to challenge the call but the referees cited Bruz-her’s failure to fall small and both penalties were upheld. Trauma took the line for the power jam and Kansas City’s lead leapt out to 192-146.

Jacksonville managed to close the gap a bit after that, aided by a power jam, but they weren’t able to make up the deficit and Kansas City took the win and fifth place 199-171.

Jacksonville’s spirits remained high after the game, and the could be heard chanting, “We’re number 6! We’re number 6!” having beaten their seed by 2.