D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154

D1R 7th: (10) Terminal City Tramples (9) New Hampshire, 250-154 Photo: Tom Klubens

RICHMOND, VA – At this point in the playoffs, both teams entered knowing neither was about to leave this game at a lower seed level than they had entered, win or lose. Given that New Hampshire took Jacksonville on the first day, and Terminal City had lost to the same team the second, this game seemed like it might be a foregone conclusion. But the trend of seeding upsets through the tournament continued into this one as New Hampshire’s first day discipline and cleanliness again deserted them. Terminal City’s lead jammer grabs handed them control from the second quarter of the game, when they took the lead and held onto it, widening the differential to 68 points, by the half, 132-64, and then continuing to a 250-154 win with the lead only ever seriously cut into by the Skate Free or Die All-Stars after Terminal had the game well won with a 55-0 run in the final two jams.

New Hampshire started with a full 14 on the bench, with yesterday’s injured skaters Madame Scurrie and Rage of Aquarius not rostered; they were replaced by alternates Crueliette Lewis and N. Raging Grace. They lost two players more briefly to injury today, Emma Donnelly fouled out of the game in the second period and both Pammy Decker and Liv N Fear teetered on 6 penalties effectively taking themselves out of game play for the final jams.

And while we only saw one of Terminal City’s now signature star passes in the first half of the bout, and another quickly contested one in the second. We also saw forearm penalties become the jammer penalty of choice for the game, mainly landing in favour of Terminal City, as they lapped up powerjams to widen the differential to an insurmountable lead into the mid-portion of the second period.

Swirko took first lead for New Hampshire, followed closely by Terminal City’s Evada Peron. A rapid call-off put up the first point for New Hampshire, 1-0.

The second jam saw Terminal City’s Kim Janna up and out for lead when she abruptly hit a heavy front wall, still making it up and around, while Game Ovaries got stuck on her first pass. At that point, Janna started to call it, but instead was sent to the box on a forearm penalty, leaving Ovaries to clean up points, with a massive 4:1 pack advantage. This switched the score from 5-1 (and a brief lead change) as Janna was boxed, to 16-9 at the end of the jam for New Hampshire.

Then the first star pass of the day turned up in the third jam, as Kim Janna switched the star to Scarlet Bloodbath to no noticeable effect with the lead widening to 28-9.

But Terminal City continued to push back up, finding the confidence to feature Luludemon in her first jam in the 8th jam of the game, after being penalty-plagued the day before, she got through it cleanly–a trend for her play that continued through the game. Terminal narrowed the gap, and it was 36-35 to New Hampshire by the end of the first quarter.

A big jam for Kim Janna made it 49-36, thanks to the work of Kim Janna, but Chicana Bruzya had a powerjam of her own a couple later to make it 61-49 for New Hampshire at the 20 minute mark.

Terminal City took the next jams with lead grabs, and 4-and-call approach, stalled by Barbarich taking a trip to the box on a forearm call, handing New Hampshire the opportunity instead. But finally, Swirko hit the box on a back block to and New Hampshire’s lead evaporated for the last time as Terminal City’s Evada Peron grabbed points to make it 74-64 with 5 minutes to the break.

Game Ovaries landed another penalty, handing luludemon a spectacular 29-point powerjam that was the highlight of a 106-3 run for Terminal City either side of the break that dashed New Hampshire’s hopes of victory.

Terminal actually took with lead jammer control in every one but four jams of the second half. It was perhaps this lead that prompted them to include two last-second dashes to the pivot line prior to the jam whistle into the final ten minutes of the game.

And a hefty jam for Barbarich pushed up Terminal’s lead to 199-95, then widening the differential to over a hundred as Terminal City pushed past the double century. In fact, it was then nearly ten minutes of game time before New Hampshire finally managed to add in a handful of points with only 3:30 to go, pushing their score to 102 to Terminal’s 250, ending a 64-4 run for the Canadians.

A 30 point powerjam for Chicana with a 4:1 pack advantage as Sluggit fouled out mid-jam meant New Hampshire closed the gap in the final minutes. Peron then spent only seconds back on the track before being boxed again. Swirko took lead in the final jam, and used her powerjam start to add 22 further points to make the lead under 100. The bout ended 250-154; Terminal City leave in 7th place, consigning New Hampshire to 8th.