D1R 9th: (7) Tampa Blows Away (6) No Coast, 283-133

RICHMOND, VA–The Sunday opener at the second division one playoff was contested by two teams that would have had high hopes of improving their seeding coming in fighting to avoid a last-place finish. No Coast and Tampa came in seeded 6 and 7 respectively–and it was Tampa who regained some pride with a thoroughly convincing 283-133 upset win to take ninth place back to Florida.

An opening double powerjam for Tampa did prove to set the tone perfectly for the rest of the game and meant the Tantrum raced into a 51-0 lead inside the first few minutes of the bout. No Coast set about eating into that lead courtesy of smart jamming from both Christy Johnson (nee Slam Anderson) and Megan Harrington (nee Flash Gloria). A 34-0 run from No Coast made the lead more manageable before a high block on Harrigton arrested it and let Tampa restore their previous advantage.

But it was another powerjam that swung momentum back the other way. A forearm call on Laryn Kill halved the gap going into the final minutes of the half before No Coast were dealt a serious blow when key blocker Christine Newell Snyder fouled out with her seventh different major penalty inside the first 25 minutes. A fourth powerjam of the period closed the half as it began for Tampa–with a Lauryn Kill powerjam. She closed the period out with Tampa leading 115-76, calling the jam with Harrington stil with plenty of time to serve.

9 Little A points polished off the powerjam and almost entirely restored Tampa’s early lead. Jennifer Paine and Jana Becher looked to have given Johnson a rare multi-pass shutout jam for No Coast–but a backblock on her scoring pass let Apolla Ana put points on the board and keep Tampa going. Pack penalties continued to rack up for No Coast as Tampa found themselves doubling up on No Coast with a 29-0 jam for Little A, 171-85 with five minutes of the second period gone.

Tampa’s sixth powerjam was triggered by a cut on Johnson, and Breezy made the lead 100 before Emily Epperson forced a cut to release Johnson. Breezy struggled next time out with a solid No Coast wall as Harrington put up points and made it 187-101. But Harrington turned villain two jams later as she gave Tampa their seventh powerjam–and the lead was 100 again by the time she emerged courtesy of PhDiesel and Little A.

A Taz Maniac backblock gave Anna Cassube her biggest jam of the morning before she cut her way to the box. Little A piled on the misery for No Coast. Two jams in a row towards the end where Tampa got full scoring passes in as No Coast jammers called the jam late invigorated the Tantrums for the final push. Emily Epperson fouled out inside the final five to cut No Coast down to 12 with No Coast’s 42nd penalty of the bout–more than twice the number Tampa had accrued by that point in the bout.

One final jammer penalty for Johnson ensured the lead finished at a round 150–Tampa took 9th place with a 283-133 win.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.