Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg

Road to the Hydra: The Richmond Leg Photo: Bob Ayers.

Two down, two to go! With Richmond in the books, here’s the second in our four-part series of high points – and not-so-high points – that defined a tournament.

Biggest Turnaround – Matchup

When No Coast and Jacksonville met just four months ago in May, No Coast cruised with a 262-130 win; this time it was a 220-point swing in the point margin as Jacksonville won 213-125.

Honorable mention goes to Philly / Texas — the Texas win at June’s ECDX was near-complete domination at 316-86, but Richmond’s final went down to the last few jams at 253-210 Texas.

Biggest Turnaround – Penalties

On Friday morning against New Hampshire, Jacksonville’s jammer rotation committed 13 jammer penalties — more than any other team picked up in a single game. On Saturday night against Terminal City, Jacksonville’s jammer rotation committed 3 jammer penalties — fewer than any other team picked up in a single game.

Best Transfer Battery

Angel City’s Chinese Cheker and Soledad, both ex-DC Rollergirls, were huge parts of an Angel City defense that significantly stepped up their play from Friday to Sunday.

Deadliest Double Threats

Texas’ Sarah Hipel did nearly equal duty with the star and in the pack in the final against Philly (9 jams as jammer, 10 as blocker) and still managed to outscore almost every dedicated jammer in the game. She put up 73 points, but more importantly, her point differential of +39 was just enough to give Texas the breathing room to win by 43.

Kansas City’s Trauma also shone in dual roles. She led her team with 48 points and a 40+ point differential in their 199-171 5th place win over Jacksonville — even though she played twice as many jams as a blocker than as a jammer.

Most Missed

Naptown blocker Dora the Destroyer was a major force in the Naptown pack during their defeat of No Coast and their impressive first 40 minutes against Texas, but was unavailable for the third-place game against Angel City. Most of Naptown’s problems in that one came from jammer issues rather than defensive failures, but it was hard not to think that Naptown wouldn’t have been in a stronger position with her on the track.

Most Inauspicious Start

The beginning of No Coast / Tampa saw No Coast jammer Christy Johnson boxed for parts of the first three jams while Tampa dropped 20-0, 20-0 and 9-0.

Top Speeds

Jacksonville’s primary jammer rotation of Jamsterella, Ms. Jax’Em and Crash Register (who left the tournament on Saturday night on an injured knee) all had truly remarkable top gears, almost always able to close a jammer gap away from the pack.

Making the Difference

Angel City’s Chica Go Lightning’s ability to consistently stay out of the box was really key to ACDG’s fortunes. She was boxed only once per game in each of her three games and that clean play translated to high positive point differentials: she put up +63 against Naptown in a 92-point win and was the only Angel City jammer in positive point differential (+23) during their 106-point loss to Philly.

Most Lopsided Stat

No Coast’s jammer rotation in the Naptown / No Coast quarterfinal, which saw Megan Harrington score 110 of Naptown’s 144 points. Things were a little more even (though equally ultimately unsuccessful) in No Coast’s other two games.