D1A: (3) Windy Herds (6) Madison, 374-87

D1A: (3) Windy Herds (6) Madison, 374-87 Photo: Sean Hale / Hale Yeah

ASHEVILLE, NC–After the unexpectedly comprehensive demolition of Steel City by Minnesota, Windy City and Madison took to the track. Many might have hoped for a closer game; in fact, it was one point worse, with Windy winning by a comfortable 374-87 and progressing to the semifinals.

A sloppy call-off from Ying O’ Fire in jam three gave Madison their first two points of the period–and a Jackie Daniels cut forced by Shananaguns after ten minutes let Lil Miss Behavin’ in for their first complete passes of the bout to make it 73-17.

A natural 4-0 from Magic Missle was part of a revival of sorts for Madison as memories of Windy’s early-game cleanliness were washed away by a a quick rash of pack penalties that left them short-handed for a couple of jams before rediscovering the art of staying out of the box and returning to dominance.

Windy’s lead was 163 when Killa Nois was boxed off the line and Darling Nikki cut ten off the lead–but she was boxed on a cut herself in a struggle with Bork Bork Bork, Sargentina, Moby Nips and Konichi-WOW as Nois came out of the box. Nois used the final seconds of the half to restore that lead and add two to it–Windy took a 199-34 lead into the locker room.

A 75-0 run for Windy City was ended by a low block call on Killa Nois let Mouse in for 23 points. Magic Missle put points up two jams later. Missle put up Madison’s first natural grand slams of the bout in the final ten minutes too to make it 335-63.

Missle had one final huge jam going into the final minutes as she put up 27 on the powerjam before Lady Who-ha got lead in the very last jam and elected to trade points with Athena DaCrime to boost Madison’s ratio.

Windy finished 374-87 winners and join Minnesota in the semifinals vs the winner of Rocky and Houston at 4pm EDT tomorrow; Madison descend into the consolation bracket and will play Nashville at 10am EDT on Saturday.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that an early cut was forced by Hazed and Contused; it was actually forced by Shananaguns. DNN regrets the error.

Lex Talionis

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