D1A: (1) Gotham Shatters (9) Oklahoma, 545-21

D1A: (1) Gotham Shatters (9) Oklahoma, 545-21 Photo: Kit Ruff / ShutHerUp Photography

ASHEVILLE, NC–The question was never going to be who would win, it was how much Gotham would win by. They set a strong early pace that made a 600-point total look like a realistic possibility, but one jammer penalty knocked them off pace before strong offence from Oklahoma in the second period limited their options. Gotham did break their previous point total, differential and ratio records in a 545-21 victory, and progress to the semifinals.

A huge cheer greeted the first jam when OKVD’s Blood Bjorn Pathogen burst through for lead as Bonne Thunders struggled with a tight scrum of Oklahoma blockers. Bonnie ended up taking the jam 3-2 before Pathogen called it.

But a cut in the opening seconds of jam two on T-Pain ensured one of the other heads of Gotham’s hydra popped up and spat out a fiery 29-0 jam to remind Oklahoma who was boss.

Bonnie stepped up again in jam three as Czech 1-2 hit the box on a cut and after five minutes the lead was 50; when Bonnie was done it was 60. Claire D Way made it 80 and Suzy made it 100 with ten gone. Bonnie kept Gotham on schedule for 600 with support from Vicious Van Go Go with a little over 13 minutes passed. T-Pain got lead over Claire D Way before the 15-minute mark and doubled the OKVD total, and a backblock off the line by Suzy Hotrod in the next jam gave Oklahoma consecutive lead calls and their first grand slams of the bout as the Oklahoma pack successfully caught and held Donna Matrix at the back to limit Gotham’s defensive options as Czech 1-2 made it 152-14.

Gotham laid on offense on the powerjam to speed up their scoring in the rest of the half, and Bonnie used Gotham’s sixth powerjam of the half to get them almost back on track, but not quite; Gotham led 287-14 at the half.

Blood Bjorn Pathogen got the jump on Bonnie and took the Gotham pack round the outside to open the second half as she had the first with a lead jam call–but went one better than her first-half opener by calling the jam at 4-0.

It was three minutes into the second period when Gotham passed 300 as they failed to keep up with the pace of their opening salvo. Repeatedly Gotham’s packs found themselves crowded to the inside of turn one as OKVD blockers got our behind Gotham’s to keep the scoring in check. Good offense off the line helped them too, but still the Gotham machine marched on.

They led 410-21 as the final quarter started; Gotham passed their previous record playoffs score differential with more than ten minutes to go.

Dolly Dynamite did nearly force Vicious Van Go Go into a negative pass when she knocked the former Texecutioner and Dairyland Doll out off the line but pulled up just short and eventually lost out on lead regardless.

Gotham finished 545-21 winners, setting playoff point ratio, differential and total records in the process. They proceed to a 2pm EDT semifinal against Minnesota; Oklahoma descend into the consolation bracket with a 6pm game against the winner of Columbia and Steel City.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.