D1A: (5) Steel City Smashes (9) Oklahoma Victory Dolls, 313-79

D1A: (5) Steel City Smashes (9) Oklahoma Victory Dolls, 313-79 Photo: Danforth Johnson.

ASHEVILLE, NC — In the consolation rounds of the Asheville tournament, 5 seed Steel City landed an early convincing knockout on the 9th seeded Oklahoma Victory Dolls, going up by over 100 points in the first 15 minutes and cruising to the win at 313-79.

OKVD played like a team seriously drained by their quarterfinal against WFTDA champs Gotham on Friday night, and Steel City looked very much like a team with something to prove after their huge rout at the hands of Minnesota in their own quarterfinal. The win sends Steel City to Sunday’s 5th place game against the winner of Saturday night’s Houston / Nashville contest; Oklahoma will face the loser of that bout for 7th.

Steel City started scoring with 4-0 to Snot Rocket Science and held a small 7-2 lead after five minutes; they got their first power jam at that point on a light pack to Science, who capitalized with a big 25-0. WIth 7 minutes gone, it was 32-2 Steel City.

OKVD remained stuck at 2 points for the first 10 minutes of the game, but Blood Bjorn Pathogen pulled lead jammer with the score 50-2; still, though, they continued to lose ground even with lead as that jam went 4-3 Steel City. After a scoreless frame, OKVD called their first timeout at 54-5 with 18:13 showing on the first-period clock.

Unfortunately for Oklahoma, things immediately got much worse for them following the timeout. OKVD lost jammer Jammin Jane to the box for 2 minutes, and Steel City’s Snot Rocket Science repeatedly shredded the OKVD defense for 25-0 on that jam. She’d call with plenty of time left on the power jam, and Leannibal Lecter scooped 32 next.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, Jammin Jane cut her way to the box during Lecter’s jam; that created another power jam minute for River Kyx for 10 more. That 67-0 sequence pushed the score to an ugly 121-5 with 13 minutes still left to play in the first half and basically ended the competitive part of the bout.

OKVDs’ Czech 1-2 finally got OKVD on the board again as her defense of Jenatease and Mount Crushmore got a handle on SCDD jammer River Kyx, but that still left the score at 133-17. Snot Rocket Science erased that and more with another light-pack power jam that added 20 points to Steel City’s pile; it was 157-17 with 6 minutes to play.

Steel City finally committed their first jammer penalty on the last jam of the first half; Steel City got reduced to just one blocker on the track, and Dolly Dynamite had plenty of daylight on her way to a 24-point jam that doubled OKVD’s score. Still, though, the score at the break was overwhelmingly in Steel City’s favor at 180-45.

Although the second half opened promisingly for Oklahoma when they took three lead jammer calls in a row and outscored SCDD 12-6, Steel City quickly settled down. The Pittsburgh crew went right back to stuffing OKVD offense while Science, Kyx, Hurricane Heather and Lecter continued to slice through their defense. With 20 minutes to play, Steel City led 229-59 and the only remaining question was the size of Steel’s inevitable victory.

As it turned out, Oklahoma once again picked up their best jam on the half on the final jam of the half. Blood Bjorn Pathogen scored 15-0 to leave the final at 313-79.