D1A: (8) Nashville Upends (6) Madison, 204-167

D1A: (8) Nashville Upends (6) Madison, 204-167 Photo: David A Carter

ASHEVILLE, NC–The opening bout of the second day in Asheville was a fast-paced and penalty-ridden bout featuring long stretches with only one jammer competing. It was a run of four penalties without taking off the star that ended Mouse’s morning mid-way through the second period and made Nashville’s win safe; they took the bout 204-167, and will play Houston later for the right to compete for fifth place.

A 2-0 for Four Leaf Roller ensured that Friday started better than Saturday for Nashville, looking to avoid their third 10am bout of the tournament.

The lead changed hands before Roller restored it on the powerjam and Ann T Histamine gave Nashville a double digit lead. But a low block on Zip Drive allowed a third lead change courtesy of a 20-point critical hit from Magic Missile that made it 38-29.

An apex skip from Zip certainly erased any lingering ill-feeling from the Nashville fans after her earlier penalty lost them the lead; those points laid the groundwork for the energised Nashville fans to cheer Histamine on as she retook the lead for the Music City All-Stars.

However that lead vanished in the next jam as both Roller and Madison’s Lil Miss Behavin’ were boxed on cuts–but Zip Drive restored it after a cut on Mouse. She had made it 64-49 with a 20-point jam of her own before continuing the jammer penalty run with a cut major. Missle threw 20 points up for lead change 6–but that was followed by the sixth jammer penalty in quick succession.

Histamine tied it up at 74-74 with 8:32 left in the period, and a power start for Roller combined with solid D from Tear O’Bite and Electra Cal to effect lead change seven.

Tear and Cal proved her worth in the pack again as the half came to a close as they combined to force a cut on Tango De Muerte. The first period ended with Nashville’s run continuing–they took a 130-87 lead into the break.

Less than two minutes of the second half had gone before Magic Missile found herself on the power jam to cut 15 points into the Nashville lead. That lead was 134-120 after another powerjam for Missile–but that was as close as it got while Nashville kept their jammers on the track.

Two cuts in quick succession on Mouse let Roller and Histamine restore the half-time lead against a very light Mad Rollin’ pack. Mouse hit the box for a third time for engagement with an out-of-play blocker but was sprung–but a backblock within seconds of her return meant she fouled out with 15 minutes to go.

That run did effectively end the contest–especially as back-up jammer Mack The Knife was sitting on six majors as wel. Nashville didn’t extend their lead by much but Madison lacked the firepower to close the gap.

Mack eventually fouled out as a blocker inside the final few minutes. That actually triggered a revival of sorts for Mad Rollin’ as Tango de Muerte put up 14 with Histamine being beaten up by Hello Sailor. 15 powerjam points closed out the bout despite Busta Crimes being the third Dairyland Doll to foul out mid-jam–and 8-seeded Nashville took the upset win 204-167 over the six-seeded Madison.

Madison fill play for ninth place tomorrow morning at 10am EDT against the loser of Steel and Columbia; Nashville play Houston at 6pm EDT tonight for the right to play for fifth.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.