D1A 7th: (9) Oklahoma Repeats on (8) Nashville, 200-131

D1A 7th: (9) Oklahoma Repeats on (8) Nashville, 200-131 Photo: Dave Wood.

ASHEVILLE, NC — In a rematch of the tournament’s opening game, 9th-seeded Oklahoma Victory Dolls took their second win in three days over 8th-seeded Nashville. OKVD had a bit more trouble with NRG than they had in Friday’s 224-120 win and committed 10 jammer penalties to 7 for Nashville, but closed the game on a 65-0 run to win by a convincing final of 200-131.

OKVD drew first blood, and got much the better of a full-length second jam that saw cuts on Blood Bjorn Pathogen and Zip Drive and made the OKVD lead 20-5.

Oklahoma continued to dominate the opening exchanges as they had in the team’s first meeting of the weekend before they spurned their opening power jam opportunity exactly as Nashville had — a cut was met by misconduct this time around as T-Pain landed all over the Nashville defense in an attempted apex jump. That gave Nashville the opportunity to narrow the score to 35-13.

With 10 minutes gone in the game, some very impressive solo blocking from Mount Crushmore helped force Zip Drive into a star pass to Union Jack-U-Up; it didn’t help out, though, as Blood Bjorn Pathogen ran up a natural, full-length 15-0 and extended the OKVD lead to 50-13.

Only one point was scored over the next two jams, but Nashville got a power jam to Zip Drive on the third. She picked up 10 and handed the last seconds of the power jam to Ann T. Histamine, who put up 3 more. With about 13 minutes left in the half, it was 50-27 OKVD — and then T-Pain immediately gave Nashville more power jam time when she led with her head on the next jam. Nashville took back to back 10-0 wins on the back of that unopposed time and suddenly OKVD’s lead had been reduced to just three points at 50-47 with ten minutes in the half.

Oklahoma managed to hold on to the lead for another five minutes, but Nashville finally flipped the board when OKVD’s Blood Bjorn Pathogen forearmed her way to the box on a score of 64-56; Four Leaf Roller took 18-0 to put her team in front 64-56. Another jammer penalty — this one to Czech 1-2 — helped Nashville continue to run up unopposed points to close out the half at 95-64 Nashville.

OKVD fans got bad news to start the second half, as it was announced that key blocker Jenatease was expelled for making contact with a Nashville bench coach on her way to the penalty box. In much better news, a power jam opportunity about 5 minutes into the half allowed T-Pain and Blood Bjorn Pathogen to narrow the Nashville lead to just 99-88. Two jams later, OKVD used another Nashville penalty — this one on Zip Drive — to retake the lead at 103-100. Nashville took their second timeout there with 19 minutes to play.

The middle stretch of the half saw Nashville momentarily take a 116-112 lead during an increasingly absurd string of jammer penalties over five jams. It eventually saw Blood Borne Pathogen get three penalties in a row (a track cut, an insubordination, and a illegal reentry after the two minute penalty) but get saved by Nashville jammers also hitting the box. The sequence climaxed with nearly 30 seconds of jammerless time as overlapping penalties meant no one could be released, and Oklahoma was ahead 153-131 with about 5 minutes to play.

After the penalty circus was over, though, OKVD’s defense refused to let Nashville back on the board, turning a close bout in a late rout. Nashville could not find a way back on the scoreboard and Oklahoma scored 65 unanswered points — including back to back 20-0 runs — to end the game at 200-131.