D1A 9th: (6) Madison Outshines (10) Columbia, 265-125

D1A 9th: (6) Madison Outshines (10) Columbia, 265-125 Photo: Danforth Johnson.

ASHEVILLE, NC–The ninth place game opened up the final day in Asheville, and featured two teams with vastly differing experience levels. The 6-seeded Mad Rollin’ Dolls have been competing in top-level tournaments for as long as those tournaments have existed, while this was 10-seeded Columbia’s first-ever appearance at the top level. Experience won the day–Madison took a comfortable powerjam fuelled win 265-125 ninth place with it.

Mouse started Sunday the way she finished Saturday–heading to the box. That let Columbia’s Poison Violet put up a 15-0. Thankfully for Mouse and Madison that single penalty didn’t turn into the cascade that saw her foul out in double-quick time.

But it was tied up within a couple of minutes courtesy of Magic Missle before Ladie Who-Ha gave Madison their first lead. That lead changed hands three times in the opening ten minutes before The Dairyland Dolls started to open up a lead, courtesy of a couple of powerjams.

Violet narrowed the gap courtesy of an attempted non-lead call-off from Who-Ha that was followed by a skating OOB call as she looked in disbelief at her jam ref–but the lead was still 30.

But Mouse put up 28 to almost double the lead as Mal Pacino was alternately stuck and playing ineffective defense with her light pack.

By half time the lead was over 80, with most of that coming on the powerjam; Madison led 150-63.

The teams traded hits, points and lead calls across the opening minutes of the second period, but a cut forced by the combination of Shananaguns and Darling Nikki on Violet meant Sequin Destroyer could make the lead 100.

Columbia continually showed in the second half that with numbers even on the track they could match Madison–but the sheer number of penalties they picked up doing so meant the lead was never threatened.

Things fell apart in the final minutes for Columbia as Holly Hunter and Boston Terror fouled out, and the Mad Rollin’ Dolls extended their lead; the Dairyland Dolls finished 265-125 winners and took ninth place; Columbia’s maiden playoff tournament ended with a last-place finish and an aggregate point differential of -408.

Lex Talionis

Lex is the Content Director for Derby News Network.