Preview: Salem WFTDA Division 1 Playoff

SALEM, OR–Since August, we’ve been charting the Road to the Hydra as it has snaked through Des Moines and Kalamazoo for Division 2 Playoffs, and through Fort Wayne, Richmond and Asheville for Division 1. This weekend’s tournament in Salem, Oregon, is the last playoff tournament before champs in Milwaukee on November 8-10 and there are plenty of good match-ups on show.

Top seed and favourite for the tournament is Bay Area, who have had a strong showing this year against the likes of Rose City, Montreal, Philly and Salem #5 seed Charm, but fell to both Windy and Denver at The Golden Bowl back in July.

Second seed Atlanta came out swinging at ECDX in June, taking a close win against Charm City, but lost to the might of Gotham in the same weekend. Third seed Rat City has had an interesting season–recently losing by a considerable margin to Rose City with a weakened but squeaking out a 12pt win against Denver earlier in August.

Further down the bracket, teams to watch include Charm City, who are coming in #5 seed but will be hungry to make a return to championships after years at the tournament as part of the Eastern region. The dark horses of the tournament will be Victoria, who have proved that their isolation in Melbourne, Australia does nothing to stop them triumphing at tournaments.

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